Argh! Auto play! It's a day like any other day and you are on Facebook, checking out your news feed, trying to find out what's new with friends and family and wham-o, several videos auto play as they scroll through your browser window. Well, you don't have to take that and we're going to tell you how to shut it off. Auto play is the bane of online video. It's like people constantly forcing pictures of their babies on you, people knocking on your door to save your soul, downright annoying. But unlike the others, there is a quick and easy way to stop those videos on Facebook from auto playing.

Ever since Facebook introduced video and video ads auto play has been the plan of attack. But Facebook has also provided the tools to prevent that all from occurring. It will need to be done on every device you use to access Facebook because it's a browser-based setting not an account setting. You didn't think they were going to make it that easy did you?

Facebook Video Settings - Standard Browser

First off, head to the settings, which you can find from the down arrow in the upper right corner of the Facebook interface in a standard web browser. That will pull up the categorized list of settings including at the very bottom, Videos. That category currently has a single setting, whether or not videos will auto play. Flip it from on to off.

How to Disable Auto Play Videos on Facebook [Tutorial] facebook auto play

Facebook Video Settings - Android App

OnHow to Disable Auto Play Videos on Facebook [Tutorial] Screenshot 2014 04 15 09 59 11 300x533 the Android app the location of any video settings is slightly different. The three lines (without the head) in the upper right corner open the app interface or context menu and scrolling down that list will get you to a Settings list.

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From there choose App Settings which then gives you a list of specific things you can change including Auto-play videos on Wi-Fi only.

That means you can turn it off so that they don't auto play when you are on a mobile data network, consuming your bandwidth, but they will, still auto-play when connected to Wi-Fi. That's the best we are going to get right now from Facebook for this.

I hear you out there scratching your heads and saying to your monitors, "But Chris, where are the video settings on iOS?"

Well folks, there are none... not in the Facebook app anyway. They are in the iOS Settings app.

Facebook Video Settings - iOS

Since iOS has a far different type of walled garden of access, some major settings for apps are in the main Settings app, including Facebook. Opening the app and then scrolling down you will find Facebook listed on the left. Tapping that will open the app specific settings including Auto-play on Wi-Fi only.  Not the most descriptive setting but at this point, we know what it is. Simply turn that on and you are all set.

How to Disable Auto Play Videos on Facebook [Tutorial] facebook app settings e1397575142345 606x415

So while you cannot fully turn off auto-play on the mobile devices, you can at least limit it to when only on Wi-Fi networks. Then again, if you have a Wi-Fi only iPad like I do, it's a moot point.

H/T to ghacks.

  • Davide

    hi & thank you. Though iPhone 5s seems incapable of turning off autoplay :(

  • acktroll

    I do not have any of the options listed on my phone Galaxy S4 on Android, or on my ASUS tablet. The Video tab is simply not listed or displayed. Help!!!!!!

  • 6 one way half a dozen another

    On desktop Chrome, open settings and scroll down to and click on "advanced settings". Under "Privacy", click on "Content settings". In the pop-up, scroll down to "Plug-ins" and choose "Click to play". This will also disable auto-play videos on any page that you open from YouTube to USA Today to other ads on other sites.

  • Nathan Ambrose

    Thanks for that, Christopher. I didn't realise there is a new setting for that.