Annotations can make videos more interactive, as we've discussed before.  But sometimes creators go a little overboard.  Sometimes there's so much on screen you can't see certain parts of the video, and that can be really annoying.  Luckily, there are ways to get rid of them if you so choose, although it's best to take them on a case-by-case basis rather than banning them all completely.  But of course, there are probably people out there where banning them all completely makes total sense.  We're here to help.  There are 3 good ways to disable annotations below.

Three Legit Ways to Make Annotations Vanish

So how do we do this?  There are very simple ways to remove annotations.

1. X marks the spot.  Hover your mouse over the annotation, and an "x" should appear, by which you can now close out that particular annotation forever.

turn-off-annotations2. Icon on YouTube player.  There's an icon on the player itself that "hides annotations."  It's the white box with a little tail on it.  This will hide all annotations on the video, so it means you might miss something that you'd actually like to see.

3. YouTube account settings.  Under "Playback," you can actually make it so that annotations NEVER show up on any video by simply un-checking the "Show annotations on videos" box.  Now that's not cool.  You want to be cool, right?  Well, I guess this option is good for some people.

Remember, the annotations are there, for the most part, to let you know of other goodness.  So they aren't all bad, although some creators take them to the extreme.

  • Baccar Wozat

    This solution still does not stop the annotations. Youtube is not going to fix this either-- their clients (and therefore they themselves) are getting money from them being up.

  • ertyui

    Yes I have the same problem. This just doesn't work!!!

    My box for "Show annotations on videos" in un-ticked but the annoying annotations still shows!!! What to do please?

    Is this some kind of joke?

  • xproject187

    Disabling YouTube Annotations by navigating to YouTube /Account Settings /Playback & "Un-Ticking" the box for "Show annotations on videos" will not save no matter how many times I try.

    For instance when a video's playing & showing annotations,I'll disable the annotations in my Youtube "Account Settings/ Playback" page. However the very next time I open Youtube I'll notice the video's showing annotations again & to me that means the hide annotations setting did not (take/save/adhere).
    So back I go into my Youtube "Account Settings /Playback" section to try & disable annotations again by once again "Unticking" the box that says "Show Annotations On Videos" & then I'll save my way out. Heck I even see the Green bar at the top of the settings page which alerts you when you've succesfully saved a setting. However low & behold the next time I go to watch a Youtube video the darn annotations are once again enabled & showing during video plaback.

    Please understand that I'm the only user on my laptop & I have full "Admin Priv". I know how to change Youtubes annotations setting as well as how to save the setting prior to exiting that settings page. I only say this so you'll know this is "Not a User Error" but IMHO a coding issue within Youtubes latest update & I'm bringing it to your atention so that maybe You can ask someone to look into it.

    However if you've seen this issue(disable annotations not saving) before & have managed resolution,then by all means I'd appreciate any help or direction.
    Thank you for any consideration.

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    Windows 7 w/all M$ Updates
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