DirecTV Viacom Dispute Creates New Opportunities for Online Video & More News [Reel Web #48]

DirecTV Viacom Dispute Creates New Opportunities for Online Video & More News [Reel Web #48]

On this week's Reel Web we take a look at the dispute between DirecTV and Viacom and what this could mean for online video.  Additionally we review some new educational features that YouTube is rolling out as well as an interesting advertising model that will be used when The Huffington Post starts their online news stream.

DirecTV vs Viacom – Creating Better Opportunities for Web Video?

For DirecTV subscribers it will come as no surprise that there is a conflict between DirecTV and Viacom over fees that DirecTV was paying to air Viacom's content.  This dispute between DirecTV and Viacom is partly a results of DirecTV trying to change their service options to allow users to pay for just hte channels they actually want to watch as opposed to bundling channels – something Viacom currently does not seem to be interested in offering.

Additionally, Dish Network recently dropped AMC resulting in the Season 5 Premier of the popular series Breaking Bad to be aired online as well as through traditional broadcast.  These changes could be the start of a lot more online video options from networks as well as an increase in viewers for online video content creators.

YouTube Offering Workshops and Weekly Informational Videos

From now until October 3 YouTube will be airing workshops via Google + Hangouts to help with everything from pre-production through the post production process of creating online video for YouTube.  These workshops will be free, and while a lot of it may be basic information it is definitely useful if you are just getting started with online video and a good refresher potentially for additional tips for anyone who has been doing video already for a while.

YouTube is also doing a weekly series on their partner support channel, similar to the weekly series we do here at ReelSEO where they give information on what's new and happening behind the scenes on YouTube.

Product Placement May be a More Effective Monetization Strategy

On August 13 The Huffington Post will launch their video news streaming service online.  This service will run all day with no commercials.  Instead, they are going to integrate brands and products into the broadcast similar to product placement.  If it's done well, this could be a more effective monetization and revenue stream than having pre-rolls and pop-ups throughout the videos which is usually looked at as more of an annoyance to viewers.

 QUESTION: How might the Viacom blackout be a good thing for online video creators and marketers?

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On this week’s look at the Reel Web, let’s talk about the dispute between Viacom and DirecTV and how that might actually be a good thing for those of us who are creating video online as well as a whole bunch of workshops YouTube is doing to help you guys out and a whole bunch of other stuff. That and more this week on the Reel Web.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of the Reel Web where every week we just highlight for you guys some of the online video news from the week before and then throw in my opinion and it hopefully helps you guys in some way.

This week there’s a couple main things to look at. Let’s start with the workshops YouTube is doing for you guys for free. They’ll be through Google + Hangouts and from now until October 3 which is like every Wednesday for the next 12 weeks, they’re going to be taking you guys through the pre-production process, the production process and the post production process of creating online video for YouTube. It looks like most of it is going to be geared toward kind of basic stuff for those of us who are maybe starting out and if that’s you, you won’t want to miss any of these. The link is below. You can go register, find out more, how to connect with them so that you can participate in these live free workshops that Google is doing just for you.

Another thing that YouTube is doing for you guys is they’re kind of doing something similar to the Reel Web and the Creator’s Tip that we do here on Reel SEO by doing a mostly weekly video on the partner support channel on YouTube.

The first feature we rolled out this week is the Creator Dashboard. The Dashboard is a great way to get a quick overview of your channel every time you log in.

They’re going to be giving their regular updates about what’s changing behind the scenes on YouTube on their YouTube channel at So if that’s something you are interested in and want to go check it out I’ll link up to it below.

If you are a DirecTV subscribe you’ve probably noticed that all of your Viacom Channels have just disappeared. They’re gone. This is due to a conflict between Viacom and DirecTV and they just can’t agree on pricing and money and our very own Christopher Rick at wrote a great piece about this and he’s here to kind of summarize for you real briefly kind of what’s going on.

Viacom Channels were recently dropped by DirecTV as the two companies fight over carriage fees, the money DirecTV pays to Viacom in order to air all of their content. At the end of June, Dish Network dropped AMC which resulted in the Breaking Bad Season 5 Premier airing online as well as broadcast. Is this the start of a major shift? Could it mean a lot more online video for us to watch?

While the details of all this are largely unknown, it sounds like DirecTV was trying to separate channels from being in bundles to individual channels that you could subscribe to and Viacom was like, no we can’t do that cause we need to bundle in all the junk channels that no one wants to watch with the premium channels that people do want to watch, cause if we don’t no one will buy the junk channels and we need to get those in there, and it’s just like this big mess. Especially cause Viacom wants to charge like 30% more than they were for channels that no one wants to watch anyway, and so DirecTV is like time out, that’s enough and so now they’re trying to work on the dispute and figure out something that will work great for everyone. But I think in the long run, this might actually be good for us as video creators on YouTube and elsewhere and as marketers, because this is going to force the networks to figure out different online options for some of their content. They’ll have to re-think their approach and hopefully adopt some good online streaming options that will be great for us, maybe through Hulu Plus or through Netflix or some other service where they can maybe charge an additional fee for like just Comedy Central if that’s all you want to watch, why should you have to pay for everything else? Maybe just subscribe to that for a couple bucks a month instead through one of those services that already exists. And for the average consumer who is out there who is missing all the content they would normally be watching right now, hopefully this driving them more towards the web to watch stuff online or maybe even if the shows they want to watch aren’t online anymore, but they’re finding new cool shows on YouTube they can watch instead like maybe the Reel Web or maybe some of the stuff that you’re creating. Pulling the plug on TV just seems like it can’t be anything but good news for us, but I would love to hear from you guys in the comments below. Do you really think this is going to be good for us? Do you think this will drive more people to watch video online or do you think they’ll probably just turn off their TV and not watch anything at all? Or what do you think will happen with the networks and online streaming? I would love to hear from you, how you think that the Viacom and DirecTV conflict and the blackout could positively or negatively affect those of us who are video marketers and video creators. Comment below it would be an interesting conversation to have.

One thing I’m personally looking forward to is August 13 when The Huffington Post launches their video news streaming service online and the thing that is really curious to me is that there will actually be no commercial breaks. This live stream will run from the beginning of the morning to the evening, all day long with no commercial breaks. How are they going to do that? Well instead of having commercials and things that we are normally used to, instead they are going to be integrating brands and products and things throughout the whole stream of the broadcast and having advertisers paying kind of like product placement I guess is what it sounds like. I really want to see what that looks like for them because for me I feel like that’s a much more welcome monetization, revenue stream than just kind of putting pre-rolls and ads and stuff that are kind of like interruptions and annoyances but when you have people that are actually in the video interacting with things and talking about things in ways that relate to the news subject they’re talking about, I think that could probably work out pretty well so I’m curious to see how they do it.

For our Creator’s Tip video on Thursday, we’re going to talk to a lady named Sonya Gill about how to shoot video on the go. This lady has a YouTube channel where she is constantly traveling the world and getting shots everywhere she goes for her Vlogs and so I asked her to give us some help, some tips about how we can continue to shoot really good looking photos and tell a really great story, even while we’re traveling and on the go with the equipment and set up and everything. That’s coming up on Thursday, so if you’re not already subscribed, we’d love to have you join us by clicking that button up there or you can click right there as well to subscribe and join us, we’d love to have you. And I will see you guys again on Thursday for the Creator’s Tip video and then again next Tuesday for another look at the Reel Web. Thanks for hanging out guys, bye!

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