Visitors to last week's Digital Hollywood Los Angeles conference were greeted with three days of rain, while being flooded with an endless stream of Strategic Sessions, Tracks, and Panelists. Yet, if you were able to navigate through the muddled scheduler and wade through Session introductions that included up to eight panelists—the conference offered a little something for everyone involved in the digital video entertainment business.

Digital Hollywood tackled nearly every imaginable emerging issue, trend, device or platform to keep a digital Hollywood junkie hooked. I'll try to break down six key video-related themes that resonated with me throughout the conference—and will continue to be central to any digital video discussion for the foreseeable future. In no particular order:

Video Platforms:

It's clear that today video is at the heart of how consumers experience their daily lives. New video options represent all-access, all the time programming from content providers. Video today is TV; it's broadband; it's mobile. And, consumers are interacting with new, innovative devises and platforms anytime and anywhere. The industry must continue to learn and respond to the needs of today's consumer video communications lifestyle.

Video Content:

As content creators are experiencing dynamic expansion—they and the creative talent they employ must come to grips with the new generation of multiple entertainment production and distribution technologies that are playing an expanded role in Hollywood.

Video Advertising:

New consumer habits are driving the ad community to innovate, as traditional TV moves to the Internet. As we see online consumer video viewing habits shift as well, advertising must become the new form of entertainment, in order to keep audiences captive. Marketers must create "scalable" and compelling creative that leverages more buyers.

Video Targeting and Analytics:

As video metrics become more robust, the need for accountability becomes greater than ever. The industry's ability to provide richer, hyper-targeting around video, social media, broadband, and music will not only strengthen the "consumer experience”, but benefit advertising ROI as well.

Social Media:

New technologies, from PVR and Broadband to Social Networks, VOD, Mobile, Blogs, and ITV, may be overwhelming the consumer. Yet, they are also successfully penetrating traditional media by proving to be better vehicles for branding and engaging a larger customer base—with richer analytics - via social media marketing & advertising.

Video + Apps:

The world of apps represents possibly the most vibrant and game-changing  "consumer experience" platform of all. The iPhone, iPad, Twitter craze represents a new monetization platform, and is transforming the way consumers and user communities interact in an "always-on" environment.

About our Guest Expert: Robert Sherry
Robert Sherry is a digital media consultant who specializes in creating business development/marketing platforms and revenue-generating products/services for online content publishers. He was formerly EVP Business Development for StudioNow and is working with to offer advertisers an incredible value and reach through sponsorship of ReelSEO. He can be reached via [email protected]