DiggNation, a popular talk show hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, will end its 6-year run on Revision3 in December.  The two hosts are hoping to move on to new things, although Rose will still be a part of Rev3's Foundation and Albrecht will still be a co-host on the network's The Totally Rad Show.  The show broke ground for talk and review shows on the Internet and has won several awards, including last year's Streamy for Best Hosted Web Series.  The show is easily the longest running in Rev3's history, and has amassed over 320 episodes.

DiggNation's Longevity & Influence

According to The New York Times, DiggNation generates around 250,000 views per week, which is excellent, but is less than relative newcomers Film Riot, Epic Meal Time, and one of the many tech shows that DiggNation cleared the way for on the site, the popular Tekzilla.  Still, the longevity of DiggNation can't be ignored, when many series have a hard time making it past their 2nd season.  And all of this is just two guys sitting on a couch reviewing gadgets and beer.  The minimalist nature of many hit web shows is completely embodied here.

DiggNation began as a podcast, a video breakdown of the social news site Digg, which was co-founded by Rose a year earlier.  It has collected tens of thousands of subscribers from a mostly male fan base, some of which drove a few episodes of DiggNation into the millions of views.  Not surprisingly, the top video has "Sexy Bacon Bra" in the title.  Just so that you would-be YouTubers know, putting anything involving bacon and bras is going to put about a million views on your video right off the bat.

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DiggNation will throw a last-show bash on a soon-to-be-announced date. Here's a video they made announcing the upcoming end of the show's run:

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