Internet Video Ad Campaign Helps Young Americans Do Their "DUTY"

Thought it would be worthwhile showing you a unique online video marketing campaign titled, "Time for a Change."

Internet Video Ad Campaign Helps Young Americans Do Their DUTY

This online video effort by is their first stab at an online video marketing campaign.  I would say that it has most the ingredients for success.  The video, which is positioned as a political ad on, offers the following message:

"It is time for a change., providing extensive gas relief, supporting small business, big business, and young Americans doing their business.  Number 1 in Number 2, for 3 years...."

Not only does the video have the potential of becoming a viral hit because of the hilarious nature of the video itself (let's be honest - "Poop" is just funny), but they have also added a simple social bookmarking and sharing script to the website in addition to the Youtube social sharing functionality.   Most importantly, they have set up the campaign in a way that they can successfully drive and measure traffic back to  Take note of the following:

  • Prominent branding of in the video, both the logo and via spoken word.
  • Introduction in the video of a coupon code "CHANGE" to use on website.
  • Link on to trackable URL at

What do you think?  Would you have recommended a different strategy altogether?

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