Delve Launches Web Video Publishing Platform

Delve Launches Web Video Publishing PlatformDelve Networks, formerly Pluggd Inc, today announced the launch of its new internet TV and internet video publishing platform which puts them in the same space as some excellent offerings by current video plaforms such as Brightcove and Ooyala. I will be spending some time evaluating this platform over the next several weeks and plan to present my findings to you all in the near future.

Below is the announcement from Delve:

Delve Launches Web Video Publishing Platform

Delve Networks, formerly Pluggd Inc, today launched its breakthrough Internet TV and online video publishing platform. In addition to hosting video content, Delve's platform gives content publishers all the necessary tools to upload, manage and track the performance of their online video. With its semantic video web technology and HeatMap interface, Delve becomes the first video platform to enable users to navigate within a hosted video file to find the exact content they want.

"Technological innovation is driving the proliferation of online video and we have introduced the most advanced video platform in the industry," said Alex Castro, CEO of Delve Networks. "But while web video has been growing at a geometric rate, existing platforms haven't kept pace. We offer a more intelligent approach to managing and publishing video, because of our system's ability to look inside the video itself. Delve allows users to navigate to the content they want to see inside a program, bringing the power of search and the ease of DVR-style navigation to online video."

Delve processes video through its proprietary semantic layer, which creates a visual map of each video, allowing users to find the exact content they want within a program. The platform supports the H.264 video codec delivering exceptional video quality at low bandwidth rates.

"Delve's platform allows users to find the topics they want inside the high quality video that we produce," said Romy Randev, director of business development at Soma Media. "We find that the HeatMap technology is particularly compelling, as it saves users time and gives them an instant 'visual map' of a video file. This kind of innovation is raising the bar for video publishing on the Web."

The user-friendly platform design features a number of tools that facilitate efficient use. The platform's interfaces and management tools allow for file uploads, creating video channels and running a variety of usage metrics and analytics. The platform also supports a wide range of advertising units, including the recently ad units standardized by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

"We were attracted to Delve's video platform, because it's the most advanced end-to-end solution for publishing video on the web today," said Colin Kimball, president of content development at Small Screen Network. "We especially like the way that Delve enables users to navigate inside our video programming. This is the kind of game changing technology that video publishers are looking for."

The online video industry has seen its popularity skyrocket in the past year. According to comScore U.S. customers watched 11.5 billion online videos in March, up 64 percent from the previous year. By 2013, one billion people will watch videos online, projects ABI research.

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