Delta is one of the nation's largest airlines, and not high on my personal list of companies I enjoy doing business with (without dragging the entire article down with my story of consumer woe, just know that I would probably rather travel anywhere by donkey than fly Delta through their hub of Atlanta ever again). But even though I'm not their happiest customer, I can set my own feelings aside long enough to point out that the latest online video ad from Delta is one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a long time.

Delta Video Marketing Savvy

While many airlines have shown some difficulty adjusting to the realities of the online video world ("United Breaks Guitars" anyone?), Delta appears to have a better grasp on how it works. Their latest video ad campaign, called "Behind The Scenes: Your Bag's Journey on Delta," is a super simple concept: What if we put a bunch of cameras in a suitcase, and then filmed it's journey from the time it leaves the customer's hand to the time it is returned to them.

Check it out:

This ad works well for a number of reasons:

Pulls back the curtain. It shows us something we don't normally get to see. Once we let go of our bags at the ticket counter, most of us swallow nervously and simply have no choice but to hope it shows up on the baggage claim belt when we reach our destination.

We can guess... but none of us really knows what's going on with our checked bag. Until now. Showing customers and viewers something that is traditionally off-limits is one of the best ways to draw them in--that's why DVD's have behind the scenes footage, documentaries, featurettes, and commentary tracks.

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Delta grabs your attention with the promise: see what happens to your bag. The actual inner workings of the baggage system are so intricate and new to viewers, that the video does a far-better-than-average job of holding your attention after capturing it.

The spot ends with a promise that you can now track your bag with the new Delta mobile app, and though I have no real idea what that means, it still sounds pretty cool.


    Right there with you when it comes to considering Delta as one of the last airlines I would ever choose to fly. I'm more of Jetblue/Virgin America kind of person - As far as I'm aware Delta doesn't offer the digital necessities I like such as free wifi or TVs.

    I can appreciate the creativity of the ad because it gives a visual experience I have never seen, but to be honest I think that more could have been added highlighting the key benefits the app offers customers. For example, it would be useful to know how long it's going to take for my bag to come out at the carousel that way I could maybe stop by the restroom or grab a coffee instead of waiting - if this is a benefit, and most likely one of the only few I could see this app having, it was not made clear. Also, it would have been nice if Delta had actually shown the app in action with the traveling of the luggage - that would have made it more clear exactly what this app is going to do for customers.