This week on the Reel Web we discuss another new feature launched by YouTube, review some great ways to limit the amount of filtering you have to do when doing YouTube searches and talk about changes in how news is being spread and commercials are being presented to target audiences online.

Face Blurring Tool for Privacy Available on YouTube

For those of you who want to blur out faces on your videos to hide the identity of your subjects, YouTube has launched a new Face Blurring Tool.  All you need to do is upload your video to YouTube, go to enhancements, the advanced tools and there is an option called Face Blur.  There are some limitations currently to the program.  It will only let you blur out all or none of the faces, you can’t choose some of the individuals to blur out and not others.  Also, it is fairly new so has some kinks to be worked out so it sometimes blurs things that is not really a face or will miss a face and leave it un-blurred.

Citizen Journalism Changing How News is Spread recently released its research findings around peer research and how citizen journalism is changing the entire news reporting industry.  Because of the effect of people watching clips and videos as they are loaded to YouTube, the news chat is utilizing this to catch up and obtain rights to those clips for news feeds or sending the clips to news agencies.

Using Filters for More Relevant Search Results on YouTube

As we all know sometimes searching for something on YouTube requires filtering through a lot of other results that come up that hold no interest to us.  There is a way around this.  As mentioned in an article we posted here on ReelSEO (advanced YouTube search tips), there is detailed guided on how to do better searches on YouTube.  One particularly helpful tip is to remove any channel results from your search query that you are not interested in by using a minus or negative sign ( –Channel).  You can also do a search just by titles and eliminate results coming up from tags and description text by putting the Title name and a colon (Title:).  There are a lot more tips in the article so it may be helpful to review that for better YouTube search results.

A Commercial Ad with 50,000 Data-Driven Personalized Versions

Eyeview recently did a presentation at the VideoNuze Video Advertising Summit regarding video advertising which was really interesting.  It covers new technology that they’ve developed that will take a normal television ad and bring it over to the online world automatically creating about 50,000 different versions of that video but having it tailored to specific market industries or demographics.  For example, they can take a car ad from television and bring it over to the web and give it a specific feel and text to target a sports enthusiast.  In general it’s the same ad, but just tweaked to fit the target audience and interest it’s being shown to.

Mobcaster Provides a Way To Launch Your Television Pilot

Megan O’Neill at Social Times introduced us to Mobcaster which is similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but for TV shows that you want to pilot and launch and get out to TV.  It works the same way most other crowd funding sites work where you pitch an idea and raise funds for the pilot.  From there you raise more funds for additional episodes and ultimately pitch it to a network television stations.  It provides networks the ability to see what kind of audience following a show will have before they invest funds.

QUESTION: What do you think about YouTube's new face blurring tool?