Dailymotion Launches New Video Ad Formats

Dailymotion Launches New Video Ad Formats

Dailymotion, announced the addition of new innovative video advertising formats and options.  These new ad formats are called, Toaster, Home Theater and Companion Logo ads.

  • Toaster ad: Advertisers have the ability to inject an animated flash mini-commercial overlay into Dailymotion's library of professional videos. Mini commercials, which appear at the bottom portion of a video, are mostly transparent, and disappear after 10 seconds. When the "toaster ad appears onscreen, the viewer has the option to watch more about the commercial and is then taken to a "player within the player, where he or she is encouraged to interact with the advertiser's content. The video then continues to play after the user is finished viewing the ad. The Toaster ad is always accompanied by a synchronized 300×250 display ad unit at the right end of the video player.
  • Home theater ad (video skin): The Home Theater ad unit wraps around the video programming and can click-thru to the URL of the advertiser's choice. Professional videos only are included in this advertising program.
  • Companion Logo ad: A dynamic and clickable 3D logo appears in the left corner of a video 10 seconds into the viewing of the video, and disappears after 10 seconds. If the viewer clicks on the 3D logo, a small window opens with a dedicated advertising message and offers the opportunity to interact with the brand. The Companion Logo ad is always accompanied by a synchronized 300×250 display ad unit at the right end of the video player. Professional videos only are included into this ad program.

These are in addition to Dailymotion's already existing formats and products, including the 300×250 medium rectangle display ad unit, home page and thematic channel brandings, a buzz/virality package, call for uploads, as well as pre-rolls and post-rolls.

According to Dailymotion, they will be introducing a new HD advertising product in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for more.

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