Dailymotion Launches High Quality Video Player

Dailymotion Launches High Quality Video PlayerDailymotion, the world's largest independent video sharing site, today announced the launch of a new player that will provide improved video playback quality for Dailymotion's users around the world. The release of the new Dailymotion HQ video player provides Dailymotion's global audience of over 37 million (comScore June 2008) unique visitors with the best possible web video and audio experience without requiring any additional bandwidth.

The new Dailymotion HQ video player has been built based on the H.264 codec with audio using AAC at 96 kbps. The new player allows viewers to experience enhanced playback for Dailymotion's entire catalogue of video entertainment content, including videos from professional partners and the Motionmaker program as well as all other user-uploaded content. Users with extra bandwidth may also continue to enjoy HD-quality video (available for specific video content).

Dailymotion HQ brings higher video quality (512-by-384-pixels) at up to 30 frames per second (fps) to people using a broadband connection, Flash Player 9 and a computer with a dual-core processor. As a result, users will enjoy significantly sharper, smoother video streaming on all Dailymotion videos.

Users can experience the new Dailymotion HQ player for themselves at www.Dailymotion.com/HQ, where they can simply select a video from the group and view a side-by-side comparison of standard quality versus the new Dailymotion HQ. To regularly enjoy the benefits of Dailymotion HQ, users can set their preference for the HQ player by clicking the HQ button on the player control the next time they watch a video on Dailymotion. Subsequently, they will automatically experience Dailymotion HQ on all videos, every time they return to Dailymotion.

"The debut of Dailymotion HQ video reinforces our commitment to delivering the best content and the most advanced technology to our audience and our contributors around the world, said Mark Zaleski, CEO of Dailymotion. "Our superior playback capabilities have been a critical part of our rapid growth and success, and we pledge to continuously bring more enhancements and features to the site in order to give the best experience to our viewers, partners and advertisers.

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