Dailymotion Announces Full Implementation of Copyrighted Protection

Dailymotion, the world's largest independent video sharing site, today announced full implementation of INA's "Signature technology across all localized and local language Dailymotion sites. Dailymotion's use of video filtering technology follows several other copyrighted material protection initiatives throughout the site, including a hashing system, blocking videos that have already been removed from the site and use of an audio fingerprinting solution. In addition, Dailymotion is an original signatory to the UGC Copyright Principles (www.ugcprinciples.com).

Implementation of INA video fingerprinting technology reinforces Dailymotion's leadership position in providing the most advanced copyright protection system for content owners. INA´s innovative image-based technology is based on a signature, or digital fingerprint, which constitutes a genetic code representing a sequence of images. Content that has been protected by a producer or a broadcaster using this technology will be automatically detected and will either be rejected or managed according to agreements before it is placed online. This solution thus enables Dailymotion to bolster its global system for detecting copyrighted content and to further focus on providing professionally produced content through media partnerships as well as user-generated content created by site users through the exclusive Motionmaker program.

"Dailymotion is proud to have completed the implementation of "Signature within the aggressive time-frame we intended, commented Mark Zaleski, chief executive officer of Dailymotion. "We believe our partnership with INA will prove fruitful, opening the door to new relationships with additional content owners, who we invite to adopt Signature in their fight against digital piracy.

"We invite all producers, majors and independent, to register Signatures for the content they want to protect, adds Jean-Marc Bordes, COO of INA. "Registering content in the main INA database is an extremely simple operation with the powerful ability to drastically improve copyright holders' ability to protect their content.

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