Using Customer Service Videos To Build Loyalty And Goodwill [Creators Tip 116]

Using Customer Service Videos To Build Loyalty And Goodwill [Creators Tip 116]

In this week's Creator's Tip we want to show you how to use video to get the best out of your customer service. We recently came across a company called 'Nextiva' on YouTube who are using their channel in a very unique way to interact with their customers. They are using short video clips to respond to tweets, questions, support issues and enquiries. We reached out to them to get their permission to use some of their customer service video clips for this week's Creator's Tip and we got the personal treatment ourselves!

We tweeted the company to ask permission to feature them this week and we received this reply from Max. He confirmed that Nextiva are all about providing amazing customer service and they aim to go above and beyond what's expected. And they certainly did. I guess we should have seen this coming but it was a wonderful surprise anyway.

Reaching out to them and getting such a unique response made us want to retweet their tweet and share their video with our followers. Just how many other people who received a personal response from Nextiva also felt compelled to share it with their followers? We're guessing the numbers are pretty high and so they should be. Social Media is all about building relationships and if you are a brand then adding this kind of personal touch is invaluable. You literally cannot put a price on the kind of goodwill that it can generate. Stories regarding really awful customer relations litter the internet so taking that extra step to address an issue or answer a query will definitely make your company stand out from the crowd.


If you can get the resources together in-house to film video content (it really doesn't have to be that expensive) then using this medium to respond to your customer's queries or issues is a really fantastic way of building a solid relationship with them. Creating a positive, approachable corporate personality through video content is probably one of the most effective ways of forging that human connection with your client base.

As if this post wasn't meta enough, Nextiva made a video in response to this Creator's Tip (which was published on YouTube a few hours ago). Thank you Nextiva!

Please let us know your thoughts on using video for customer service in the comments below. We'd love to hear your ideas or see examples of brands reaching out to you or others.

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