Nalts’ Cuddly Tips and Strategies for YouTube Video Success

Viral video is dead. Long live low production values. The cheaper the better. Don't cuddle it to death, let go of your brand persona.  Those are the sage words of Kevin Nalty, who is an online video strategist, a career marketer, and a YouTube star with more than 100 million views of his videos. In this episode of the New Media Minute, shot on location at the recent iMedia Summit in Las Vegas, he shared his tips for brands that want to play in the YouTube sandbox with New Media Minute host Daisy Whitney.

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By day, Daisy Whitney is a producer, on-air correspondent, podcaster and raconteur in the new media business. She produces conferences for iMedia and provides strategy consulting to businesses on their online video presence and the online video marketplace. As a reporter, Daisy covers new media for NBC’s KNTV,, Beet.TV, MediaPost and others. She also hosts the top-ranked iTunes audio podcast “This Week in Media,” which you should totally subscribe to. View All Posts By -

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  • Bernie Landry

    Proof again that there is no secret formula… trial and error… test… you never know… I agree: "Some will stick and others will not".

  • bullaman

    Glad to hear viral video is dead. Nailing that sucker is damn hard!

    • Mark Robertson

      no kidding… ;-)

  • David Murdico

    I'm not sure I totally agree with Nalts on this one, although I am a big Nalts fan and an even bigger ReelSEO fan! There's something to be said for creative concepts involving actors and plots like web series and even virals that are well produced. Brands that go too low on the production value also run the risk of cheapening their brand unless there is a creative decision or a reason driving the low production value. There's a place for both and the first step should always be to determine the goal of the video(s) before diving into the creative and production. Nalt's scatter gun approach of producing many low budget videos with some hitting and some missing could backfire on the ones that miss depending on the brand, their audience and the agreed upon goal you're shooting for.
    Now, I'm off to become a fan of ReelSEO on Facebook.

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