YouTube Video Upload Tool for Mac's ISight - Vidnik

Check out Vidnik.   This is a new application for the Mac that lets you record online video from your built-in iSight camera for purposes of sharing on Youtube or elsewhere.

YouTube Video Upload Tool for Macs ISight   VidnikVidnik was released on the Google Code site and is mentioned as being a tool for creating a "video diary."  This is a very simple program to use.  Once you download and run the program, your iSight needs no configuration, you are ready to go.  Merely enter your Youtube account password and username, record your video, edit and add tags, description, category; then click upload.

You can use the movies for other purposes as well as the program saves the files as .mov quicktime files in the directory ~/Movies/Vidnik.

Vidnik is also an easy to use tool for uploading other online videos you have recorded into Youtube.  You can drag digital video files into the program and then utilize the program to upload your video onto Youtube.

[Via Google Mac Blog]

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