Cox Radio Partners With Everyzing To RAMP Up Video SEO

Cox Radio Partners With Everyzing To RAMP Up Video SEORAMP Management Console Offers First Online Solution to Control the Content, Context and Brand of Online Audio and Video Content; Cox Radio First Customer to Reap Benefits of Full Suite of EveryZing Solutions

EveryZing, a leader in next-generation Universal Search and video search engine optimization (video SEO), today announced the launch of RAMP, a new management console for the configuration and deployment of EveryZing's leading ezSEARCH and ezSEO solutions.

In addition, EveryZing announced that Cox Radio, Inc. will deploy ezSEO and ezSEARCH across all of its 68 radio station Web sites, all managed via the RAMP console.

RAMP enables media companies to control the Reach, Access, Monetization and Protection of their online audio and video content, giving them the power to determine how their content is discovered, distributed, presented and consumed. It allows customers to manage ezSEARCH and ezSEO by enabling them to control their own content pages, to customize topic search and navigation, and to manage the advertising targeting of audio and video content. With "point and click" capabilities and advanced code editing features, RAMP can be managed by technical and non-technical users to ensure that the EveryZing products are integrated into customer sites to meet their specific needs. As a turn-key, hosted solution, RAMP enables customers to deploy ezSEO and ezSEARCH in a matter of weeks.

Integrating search results across audio, video, images and text, ezSEARCH offers media companies like Cox a ”single search box" experience for its end users, driving enhanced user satisfaction and media consumption. Once the search results are blended into one index, ezSEO delivers search engine-friendly Web pages across thousands of topics, dramatically increasing the discoverability and placement of customers' audio and video content across all of the major search engines. RAMP helps to round out the offering for media companies and other producers of online "infotainment" by giving them the power to control ezSEARCH and ezSEO, helping them to create a personalized high-quality, high-consumption channel for building consumer interaction, driving discovery and increasing revenue.

"By partnering with EveryZing, we are able to leverage the unique content assets from our terrestrial broadcasts on the Web and significantly enhance how that content is discovered, presented and monetized," said Gregg Lindahl, vice president of Cox Radio Interactive & New Technologies. "With RAMP, we will manage ezSEARCH and ezSEO across all radio stations' Web sites when our V3 sites debut this spring. This enables us to create and deploy a set of standard tools, while still allowing each station to manage their individual content collections. EveryZing is providing a cost-effective solution, but we do not sacrifice the customization we require for the user experience.”

"Controlling the brand, the context of consumption and the associated advertising is an essential component to media companies' and other infotainment sites' online success," said Tom Wilde, EveryZing CEO. "Although sites like YouTube have created an extendable distribution method for audio and video content, the content producers have no way to control the way that content is distributed and consumed – and more importantly, reap the advertising benefits that are rightfully theirs. RAMP allows companies to be in command of their own content and user experience, giving them the power to determine how their content is edited, distributed and discovered – putting them in control of their brand and business model.”

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