Coull Launches 2 New Interactive Video Ad Products

Coull Launches 2 New Interactive Video Ad Products

Online video technology provider Coull has won a new round of venture capital funding and has launched 2 new interactive video products for advertisers in the process. The two products, Coull Engage and Coull Activate, will allow brands and content owners to create and manage interactive online video.

The firm closed on a series B financing from Finance South West Growth Fund (managed by YFM Group), Creative Ventures Group, and private investors.

With this investment, Coull has launched two products available to brands and content owners to create and manage interactive online video.

Coull Engage is an online video advertising format, enabling unprecedented levels of interactivity and consumer engagement. Brand marketers and digital marketing agencies can easily create interactive video adverts, with Coull's robust reporting tools allowing real-time campaign tracking, measurement and monitoring.

Coull Activate is a web application that allows content owners to make any video content interactive – activating objects to link to other sites or additional product information.

Content owners can use Coull Activate to monetize product placement; increase consumer dwell time; and control and monitor distribution across the web.

"Coull's technology allows any video to be made interactive – activating objects to link to another site, product or service," says Irfon Watkins, Coull CEO. "This offers brands and content owners increased creative scope to incorporate advertising into online video content, in a way that directly engages consumer audiences. Maximizing the opportunity presented by the continued surge in consumer use of online video.”

"The financial investment will be used to accelerate further development of these products and to augment Coull's sales and marketing programs.”

Gillian Kent, former MSN UK managing director and CEO of, has been appointed to the Board of Directors at Coull. Gillian will aid establishing Coull as a premium online video advertising format within the digital marketing and publishing sectors.

Creative Ventures Group founder Spyro Korsanos also joins the Board at Coull.

"These new appointments bring extensive experience to the Board as we embark upon rapid expansion" states Bernard Holcroft, Coull Chairman and Director of Rupert Hambro & Partners Ltd, Coull's major share holder

"2008 is the year for online video," adds Gillian Kent. "Coull's easy-to-use products, combined with their long held expertise in online video, positions them extremely well for success.”

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