Content Creation & Video Advertising Tips For Video Producers

Content Creation & Video Advertising Tips For Video Producers

Online video advertising is poised to grow 52% in ad dollars this year, so how can producers snag some of those brand dollars? We asked Miles Beckett, CEO of EQAL and the creator of LonelyGirl15, for best practices in working with brands in online video and he shared his tips on how to drive marketing ROI, how to share the brand's creative vision, and how to capitalize on Web storytelling in this week's New Media Minute.

Now Miles Beckett is one of the pioneers of online video. He's one of the co-founders of EQAL, which is a social entertainment company. And he's also best known for being one of the creators of Lonely Girl–which really launched web video just a few years ago. With the recent news from eMarketer that online video advertising is poised to grow 52% this year, I asked Miles if he could share some thoughts with other online video creators in terms of tips and do's & don'ts to gaining a share of online video advertising and growing your audience. This is great advice for brands and producers, so check it out:

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Video Advertising Tips For Video Creators

Advice for video creators and producers who are working with a brand on an advertising campaign:

  • You really need to make sure that you're hitting their creative vision. You might have an idea for a show, or a certain take on their idea, but at the end of the day it's their campaign and you need to make sure that you're making them happy.
  • You really need to have to make sure you're achieving the marketing objectives. They might like what you're doing creatively, but what they really want to see is a lift in sales or a change in behavior–whatever it might be. And you need to make sure that whatever you're doing is going to drive that marketing ROI.
  • I think partnering with a company that knows how to do it is the best approach. If you're a producer and you're really interested in creating creative content, you obviously can do it… and there's access to brands… but these campaigns are very complex… trying to balance the needs of the brand with the needs of the agency and with your needs, it's complex. So I think finding a good partner to help with the ad sales and that component of what you're doing I think is very important.

Tips For Creating Great Video Shows

Advice for creating great online video content:

  • You really want to become an expert at all the traditional storytelling techniques: creating characters, writing great dialogue, creating a plot that people are interested in… and if you're producing it yourself: finding good actors, getting great performances, learning how to edit or finding an editor… so, all those traditional things. That's still very relevant.
  • Focus on the interactive nature of the medium. The Internet is not TV. It's different. If you were going to take a book and you wanted to turn that book into a movie, you wouldn't just sit on a stage and read the book and film yourself reading it… you would write a screenplay and then make the movie. Similarly, you need to think about the website, and how the website works and Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and all these different things… and then think about how you can make your story work in that medium.
  • This is like a golden age right now, where if you have a great idea and you're a content producer, you can actually own your own show. So, if you have an idea that allows you to produce it at a cost basis indefinitely, then you can truly create something that you own.

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