How Consumers Use Tablets & Mobile Devices In The Home

How Consumers Use Tablets & Mobile Devices In The Home

Like most TV networks, Scripps Networks has launched programming on mobile devices and tablets. So far, the programmer has found that tablet usage is four to five times that of the other devices. We caught up with Scripps executive Jeff Meyer and he shared insights on what this means and where networks will go next with new media devices, as well as what the mobile market needs from advertising. For more details, check out this week's New Media Minute.

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Home Use For Tablets & Mobile Devices

We recently caught up with Scripps executive Jeff Meyer, and he shared some interesting insight about how consumers are using tablets and mobile screens, and what that means for advertising opportunities for TV networks. Here's what they've found in their own research:

  • The mobile device usage is happening inside the home.
  • Tablet usage is sometimes as much as 4 or 5 times other devices.
  • Tablet use in the kitchen of a home is on the rise, with recipes and video cooking tutorials becoming popular on tablets.
  • Moving forward, consumers are likely to interact with brands more and more through mobile devices and tablets than through a PC.
  • The online video ad market still has issues with compatibility and measurement, and most advertisers are still using Flash video as opposed to HTML5.
  • This year you're going to see improvements in the ability to take one piece of content and utilize it across multiple platforms and devices in a more seamless fashion.
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