On a recent trip to LA, I had a chance to talk to Sarah Penna, the co-founder of Big Frame. Big Frame is a YouTube management company, working with online video talent to grow their careers. They have over 30 channels, collectively bringing in an average of 87 million video views each month. We touched on several topics, but one of the common themes was advertising, particularly with big brands being excited to get involved with up and coming talent.

Big Frame Connects YouTube Artists With Advertisers

Here's a good quote from the conversation with Sarah illustrating what I'm talking about:

We've actually been very lucky that the advertisers that we work with are really excited to learn.  Even really big clients like Sony, McDonalds, Garnier, Coca Cola, they've really been willing to work with us on the creative side of things because they do understand that this is our world, this is the talent's world, this is at the end of the day the audience is the most important thing.

The dollars that we are getting are marketing dollars so it's really about brand awareness, it's about aligning the brand with cool, hip, innovative media that is targeting whatever demographic that they want.

You can view the entire transcript by clicking below the video.

  • Megan O’Neill

    That video was great!