I've been telling everyone to get on board the connected TV advertising train for some time, but then I never gave you a list of all of the places that are doing connected TV advertising. My apologies, I've been remiss in my duties. So here it is, the list of who's already in connected TV advertising and what they're offering.

There are few major players in the space that are directly offering a targeted ad platform for connected TV. YuMe is probably the most advanced as it's being integrated right into TV from LG and Samsung.  I expect that all of the major online video ad networks are already working on connected TV specific services, if they're not already in this list, and I think they need to have them out by holiday 2012 because there's probably going to be a big uptake of connected TVs and devices - mostly because almost everything on the market will offer that as a standard feature.

Alphabetical order:


Adap.tv has also been preaching about the growth of connected TV and with it, the advertising opportunities. They've also got some offerings that help advertisers get their message out to the connected TV audience. Here's what they had to say in a recent email:

Adap.tv's end to end platform covers web, mobile and Connected TV. Specific to Connected TV, Adap.tv offers buyers and sellers the ability to trade pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ad types. We offer the premium television and web video content available on many of the major Connected TV platforms.


List of Connected TV Video Advertising Networks, Services, and Offerings adrise connected tv adRise looks to be aiming for the in-app advertising crowd as they claim you can 'distribute to all platforms,' which sounds like the ad serving is embedded in the app before it's delivered to the networks. That could be an invalid assumption, but since their site is extremely sparse on information and their blog has been silent since January, 2012 there's no way of knowing aside from actually contacting them. No listing of what kinds of ads they offer.

Rovi Corporation

Rovi is hooked into the connected TV platform and just recently announced new List of Connected TV Video Advertising Networks, Services, and Offerings rovi connectedtv branded ads metrics that go hand-in-hand with the connected TV advertising that can be done on their platform. From a recent press release on the analytics:

The advanced reporting capabilities can combine census-level measurement with key metrics such as uniques, impressions, clicks, time spent, video views and user actions within micro-sites, to provide a comprehensive view of campaign results across the multiple digital platforms Rovi serves. These key performance metrics, which can be filtered by a range of criteria including daypart and geography, will enable advertisers to clearly measure the effectiveness of advanced TV ad units.

Offerings include:

  • branded microsites
  • banner and tower ads
  • Product Showcase, Entertainment or Lifestyle Portal sponsorship
  • Storefronts, Email campaigns, advertorials, contests, polls, trivia, games, sponsored calendars

Their platform is integrated by Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony.

StreamRoll Media

List of Connected TV Video Advertising Networks, Services, and Offerings streamroll logo from ReelAir 200x61 StreamRoll Media is a "digital video advertising agency that specializes in multi-screen engagements with connected TVs, Mobile Devices, and other emerging platforms."

Connected TV Ad Formats Offered:

  • Premium Home (TV’s Smart Homescreen)
  • 3D Advertising
  • In-App Advertising

Tremor Video

Tremor offers a connected TV ad unit in their Ad Lab which appears to be banner ads as well as pre-rolls in-app before the content plays. There's not much information on the site about what they offer.

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TubeMogul dropped me an email to let List of Connected TV Video Advertising Networks, Services, and Offerings tubemogul connected tv me know that they also have connected TV options. They offer 15 and 30-second video ad placement which are placed as pre-, mid- or post-roll on user-initiated content and run full-screen. They offer an ad exchange that can reach a wide range of devices including game consoles, set-top boxes, and smart TVs. Social networking is built in with the ability to share out to Facebook and Twitter. Also available are surveys, and branded apps. Analytics include impressions, views, average viewing time, completion rates and geo-based information.

This is made possible by both direct partnerships with platforms like adRise and Rovi.  ...we are the first real-time buying platform to offer connected TV (with attendant transparency/optimization benefits from that). -David Burch, TubeMogul


Added from comments and email I received:

Videoplaza empowers broadcasters, publishers and ad networks to maximise their advertising revenues from the New IP-delivered TV. Videoplaza's sell side ad management platform, Karbon, is used to List of Connected TV Video Advertising Networks, Services, and Offerings videoplaza karbon 200x31 monetise video experiences across PCs, mobile devices, tablets, game consoles, IPTV and Smart TVs. We are headquartered in London, with offices in Europe and Asia and work with clients across about 20 countries.

Offerings include:

  • Linear - Pre-, mid- and post-roll ads and VP Ad Selector (giving a user the option to select which advert they want to watch. Users select from between 2-6 ads from different campaigns.) and VP Takeover (a traditional linear ad, which takes the standard preroll or midroll and raises the impact by taking over the full screen when the ad is showing.)
  • Non-linear  overlays
  • companion banners

 Supported Devices

  • Flash, Silverlight, HTML5 (on demand & live)
  • Smart TVs (Samsung, Sony etc)
  • IPTV Platforms (Free, SFR, YouView etc)
  • Gaming consoles (PS3, Xbox etc)

YuMe Connected TV

List of Connected TV Video Advertising Networks, Services, and Offerings yume connected tv YuMe has an SDK built into specific connected TVs (LG & Samsung) and consumer electronics. Their Connected Audience Network and ACE Relevance Engine offer ad placement on the 'home page' of some devices which can click to video, app or information.



Offerings include:

  • First Impression - Home page ad placement which clicks to a video, app or more information
  • Search & Result - Banner ads on the keyboard (search input) screen and on the results pages
  • In-app pre-roll - Shown when app is loading information or content or prior to app content appearing. Also offers banners in apps.
  • Third-party research brand studies
  • Interstitial - Plays while the app is loading.

That's a Wrap

To me, it seems that YuMe has the most mature and robust platform which is probably why they nabbed deals with LG and Samsung. I suspect that they might have some others on board by year's end as well.

If I missed someone, please feel free to drop me a line and I'll get you added to this list. It's actually shorter than I thought it would be.

  • https://mobile.twitter.com/patrickchenpc Patrick Chen

    Thanks and very helpful.
    But I feel like a lot was left out of this list. What about Samsung with AdHub or the new deal with LG and SmartClip ... or even Specific Media in the USA? Not trying to be malevolent here, but just wondering why these other ad networks didn't make the list...

  • Jennifer Smith

    Good information Chris! One player that was not included in the list is Vidillion. We offer premium CDN services to video service providers (VSPs) such as IPTV system operators and content owners/publishers, and aggregate their viewers into our ad marketplace, VidViewers. Using our proprietary ad software, VidTizer, we precisely target viewers for advertisers and content owners and deliver the ads to any Internet-connected device the viewer is using at that moment in time. To learn more, visit us at www.vidillion.com. 

    • Christophor Rick

      Jennifer Smith But Vidillion isn't specifically for connected TVs, it's just an OVP and ad network correct? I was aiming for services that were built and optimized for the connected TV crowd with services and offerings specifically for that platform.

  • Katy Turner

    Hi Christoper - not sure if you would agree, but I think Videoplaza could fit into this list - we offer a sell-side video ad management platform, that enables publishers and broadcasters to deliver and manage ads across devices including PCs, Connected TVs, mobile, game consoles and IPTV. We offer full campaign management, ad delivery and optimisation, cross device asset management, device and player integration, syndication and aggregation management, a range of standard and interactive video formats and yield management, via our platform Karbon. We work with a range of large broadcaster and publisher clients across the globe including M6 (France), TV4 (Nordics), RTL (Europe) and Nation (Asia).
    Our firm belief is that as video creeps across a range of screens, broadcasters and publishers need to change their thinking around content distribution and monetisation to ensure they can capture new audiences wherever they are.
    Happy to provide any more information if its useful.
    Katy Turner, VP Marketing, Videoplaza

  • JSiegel

    Great roundup Chris – I just want to point out an important piece that’s missing from the Rovi overview, which is that the Rovi Ad Network is deployed on more devices and across more CE brands than any other platform. Through our longstanding relationships with manufacturers, Rovi’s Smart TV inventory is embedded within connected TVs and Blu-ray Disc players from Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. In addition, our 200+ Service Provider preferred relationships actually make Rovi the largest advanced TV advertising platform around.
    Pre-roll is great, but advertisers want a lot more and are looking at things like portals, in-app ads and rich media, which we offer. Rovi was the first to create advanced TV experiences for viewers while they are searching for and discovering content, which leads to a more engaged mindset compared to other mediums. And having executed thousands of Smart TV campaigns, Rovi has become the de facto standard in the industry.
    – Jeff Siegel, senior vice president of worldwide advertising at Rovi

    • Christophor Rick

       @JSiegel  Also some great additional information, thanks Jeff! I  agree that there needs to be far more than just pre-roll because the whole thing should be far more interactive than standard TV advertising.

  • Tom3

    Regarding adRise -- we're admittedly not doing a great job about communicating what we do at adRise. It's not because we don't think it's not important, we're just swamped. We're essentially the technology engine that enables content owners and app builders to insert video ads into their apps on most of the major connected TV platforms.
    We support over 10+ Connected TV platforms (TVs, Bluray players, STBs, game consoles, tablets). Most of the video ad networks have run campaigns through us because of our ad SDKs and library of content partners. We build connected TV apps for free for content partners that we seek to work with (we have to be selective because we can't build multiple apps for every content owner that comes to us). As for ads, we only deal with full-screen video ads, whether they are pre, mid, or postrolls. They're simply ad breaks and ads to us.
    Feel free to contact us if you want any more info or if you want data of the Connected TV world. We're one of the few that has this information across all the TV platforms. We essentially know which Connected TV platforms are used or not used, what type of content does well, etc.
    After seeing your post, I think I'll put some time into revamping our website.

    • Christophor Rick

       @Tom3 Thanks for the additional information on what AdRise does, I think it will prove invaluable over time.