This week we talk about how to seed your videos to influencers in your niche. How do you get people who have an audience notice your content and help you spread the word about it? We talk about how to initiate contact, build relationships with them, add value both to them and their community, how to engage with their content, and earn their trust and credibility while still being genuinely interested in contributing to them even if you receive nothing in return.

In response to questions from last week's video with Kevin Nalty on seeding your video we have provided some additional info on contacting other creators for collaboration and video sharing without spamming.

6 Tips on How to Build Relationships for Promotion & Collaboration

First and foremost, you need to work on building relationships.  This is the most important thing you can do to increase your crediblity with creators you want to help you share your video.

1. Become in engaged in other creators blogs and videos.  Interacting and commenting on other people's sites will go a long way toward earning credibility over the long term.  Many bloggers and popular video channels receive mulitple requests to share videos or products and most creators will immediately forward those messages to the recycle bin unless they have an idea who the requestor is.  By being regularly engaged in a creator's content, you will start to build a relationship with both the creator and the community so that when you ask them for help or have a video to share, they will more likely be willing to forward the post along.

2. Be genuine.  It is usually pretty easy to spot someone who is just engaging in content for the purposes of pushing their own agenda as opposed to someone who honestly shares an interest in a creator's content.

3. Start with your niche.  The easiest way to legitimately be engaged with other creators is if you contact creators in your niche.  It's already a topic you are interested in, so providing links from other sites or commenting on posts is natural and doesn't feel forced.

4. Collaborate with others at your level. The likelihood of getting a big name site or creator to mention your video is highly unlikely as they receive numerous requests every day from individuals they don't know.  Best chance of success will be to start engaging other creators who have similar audiences as you, similiar number of views and are also openly looking for others to collaborate.  Over time your network will grow and as a group you will increase your views and value as you share with each other and collaborate.

5. Give a glowing review.  An easy way to get someone's attention is by tweeting or posting a good review of their product, service, book or channel.  It's a little bit along the lines of sucking up to the person to get something you want, but if you honestly appreciate what they are providing, it is a good way to get attention fast and they will be more likely to forward that Tweet then they would a random comment you made about some other product.  You can see a great use of this with Tim's review of Kevin Nalty's book and a review given about ReelSEO's Creator's Tip.

6. Invest the time.  As with anything, if you want to get value out of something it is going to take an investment of some time.  It takes time to build trust and grow a relationship with others online, but once you do, the benefits will be there for a long time to come.

QUESTION: How have you seeded your videos with influencers?