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The Three Types of Online Video for Business

The Three Types of Online Video for Business

So much has changed about the way we absorb information in the past few years. Can you even remember what accessing the Internet was like ten years ago?

On The Importance of AB Testing To Measure Landing Page Video ROI

You're already spending part of your budget on Search Engine Marketing. You've done your research into the most effective keywords for your product and you spend some time every day looking at incoming traffic numbers and the traffic sources. We know that traffic is important …

Video Marketing Strategy: Hosted Versus Posted Video

Video Marketing Strategy: Hosted Versus Posted Video

When implementing video online, at any point in time, marketers face a decision: to host or post video? Short for: should we host video on our own servers (or use a propietary video platform) or post the content to video sharing sites? Although such a …

Adobe Sees Big Money In Video Analytics

Last week, Adobe Systems, maker of the ubiquitous Flash platform underlying most web video, announced the acquisition of Omniture for $1.8 billion. While Omniture's core business is web analytics (measuring how visitors interact with your website), one of the most emphasized aspects of the acquisition …

HD Online – Watch Upload and Share High-Definition Videos

HD Online   Watch Upload and Share High Definition Videos

With the ever expanding acceptance of high definition video it's no wonder that making a list of sites that support it is an ongoing task. So this time around it's my turn to update you on all the latest and greatest places where you can …

Online Video Viewing Trends

Metacafe recently commissioned a study to find out who in America is watching online video, how much and what kinds. The results were just released and might be surprising.

Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sharing Sites

Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sharing Sites

So, you've got some videos made and you want to get them out there as fast and efficiently as possible. That means you probably want some tools to upload them to multiple video sites automatically right? Right! Here's some of the coolest tools we found …

A New Era In Video Metrics Has Arrived – Tubemogul 2.0 Larry Kless, founder of Online Video Publishing [dot] com, interviewed Mark Rotblat of Tubemogul back in March where he was given a bit of an advance scoop on TubeMogul 2.0

Microsoft Bing Video Search – A Quick Overview

Microsoft has launched their new Google competitor, bing, complete with video search and everything. The thing is, I don't know what all the hype is about. People are talking about it like it's going to be some actual competition to Google and from what I …

Twitter Viral Video Search – Twitmatic Video Search Application

Twitmatic, created by San Francisco startup ffwd,  relaunched their Twitter video search application yesterday to help users more easily find video content shared via Twitter.  Now before you go getting your hopes up you need to understand, this is a twitter video search app – IE, …

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