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Video Distribution: Where Should You Upload Your Videos? Online Video Marketing Basics Part 5

Video Distribution: Where Should You Upload Your Videos? Online Video Marketing Basics Part 5

This is Part Five of our ongoing series of Online Video Marketing Basics, and it's long overdue.  This series is intended for the novices among us, businesses and individuals who have only recently decided to take the plunge into online video.  And for that decision, ...

Online Video Gets Free Analytics From TubeMogul With InPlay

Wherein Chris describes himself as a flappy head and gives you the scoop on TubeMogul's now-free-to-use video analytics package, InPlay.

Optimizing Online Video for ROI - Making Video Accountable

The demand for video from consumers has long been identified and early adopters in the e-tailing segment, such as Zappos, have publicly announced their intention to provide video alongside tens of thousands of product offerings in the coming year. There is a developing consensus that ...

Metacafe Survey Suggests Short-Form Professional Video Content Still Rules

Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc., in conjunction with Metacafe, has released the results of a new online video survey, and you'll be happy to know that online video is still very popular, especially with young people.  Phew.  I was getting worried there.

Distribute Video Everywhere With TubeMogul Destinations

Distribute Video Everywhere With TubeMogul Destinations

Today, Tubemogul launched a huge enhancement to their OneLoad video distribution and measurement product and they are calling it "Destinations."  What is it? Basically, it's the be-all-end-all of video uploading and distribution systems, basically from anywhere, to anywhere according to Tubemogul.

Harnessing Off-Site Videos To Increase E-Commerce Visibility

Videos' impact on search rankings has been discussed here rather extensively in the past.  A few months ago we interviewed Search Engine Marketing and Optimization veteran Bruce Clay who helps clarify the importance of on-site videos for search rankings.

Reel Video SEO Strategies and Video SEO Best Practices Webinar

Reel Video SEO Strategies and Video SEO Best Practices Webinar

Last week, I participated in a webinar (produced by Ooyala) all about Video SEO titled, "Reel" Video SEO Strategies & Best Practices." I promised both those who attended as well as those who were unable to attend that I would provide my slides from the ...

The Long Tail of Video Viewing Shows The Underdogs On Top

Everyone talks about YouTube, heck, even we talk about them in various forms and for various reasons. They're the 800lb gorilla, only we all talk about it all the time. Well this time round I'm not (yes, I know I just did). I'm going to ...

10 Things To Test When Optimizing Video for Conversions

Let's make one thing clear. Video works. The right video solution on your page will increase the number of people that reach your conversion goal. Whoa! Too much jargon? I'll make it simple. Your site has one main function – to make you money. The ...

Video SEO Vs. Traditional SEO, Misconceptions and Opinion

A few weeks back, I was asked by Jeff Boudier, VP Business Development for Stupeflix, if I would be willing to answer a few questions about Video SEO for their blog.  You can view the whole interview here, but I thought that I would like to provide a ...