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Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework

Digitalsmiths Lets You Search Inside Video

Digitalsmiths claims to have a so-called 'skin detection algorithm' that will allow users of the video search engine to search for dialogue, nude scenes and more... How peculiar.

Video + SEO = Best Practices for Video and E-Commerce

Last week, I had the honor of speaking at the first annual Liveclicker Video Commerce Summit in Seattle, WA.  I was asked to discuss and present video search engine optimization and to help educate the audience on best practices for publishing online video in a ...

Video Syndication & Licensing Strategies – Digitalsmiths Interview

Video Syndication & Licensing Strategies – Digitalsmiths Interview

Grant Crowell back from the adtech conference in San Francisco. I recently did a video interview with Ben Weinberger, CEO and Co-Founder of the digital video content publishing and indexing technology provider, Digitalsmiths. I talk with Ben about the panel he moderated, Digital Distribution Strategies: ...

Image and Speech Recognition In Video SEO: The Digitalsmith Interview

Image and Speech Recognition In Video SEO: The Digitalsmith Interview

I interviewed Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the video publishing platform and indexing solutions provider Digitalsmiths, Ben Weinberger, on how their combination of  image interpretation and speech recognition tools can enhance search results and SEO campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

In-Stream Video Ads - A Thing of The Past

According to a new study released yesterday from Burst Media, more that 78.4% of those they surveyed indicated that they felt in-stream video advertisements (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, etc...) were intrusive. While the study demonstrated that users recollect the advertisements, 1/2 of respondents said the advertisements ...