Review of Revenue Sharing Video Sharing Sites

This is a direct excerpt from a great article titled, "Rise of an Internet Star – Parlaying YouTube Fame Into Big Business" on ReadWriteWeb. You might not have the time to create a regular series of videos, but if you can find the time to …

Revision3 Syndicates Top Web Shows To

Revision3, the TV network for the Internet generation, today announced that it will begin syndicating its entire content catalog of shows to Beginning today, popular Web shows including The Digg Reel, popSiren and Tekzilla will be viewable on and throughout the distribution …

Blip TV Vide Hosting – How To Get Started With

For those of you who have been following the online video hype, but haven't yet started uploading and sharing videos online, we like to share some basic instructions to get started with video online. For those of you who have started sharing video but have …

BlogTV Now Features Mobile Video Streaming

BlogTV, the personalized online TV platform has just made it possible to watch videos from your mobile phone while on the go. Although they are still waiting on the iPhone to be able to play these type of videos, the service is free and does … Fastest Growing Video Sharing Website

According to the latest research released from Comscore, numbers show has the fastest growth among all the video sharing sites (see table below). The comScore numbers are published in a great article that covers the state of video sharing sites on VentureBeat. Earlier this …

Washington Post Sells Out Video Pre-Roll Ads

The Washington Post is selling out its inventory of pre-roll video ads, according to a report titled, "Washington Post Looks Inward for Video Talent" from Daisy Whitney on the WebVideo Report. Daisy gets the story through an interview with Tom Kennedy, managing editor of multimedia …

Detailed Overview of Video Sharing Site

"We've got a great service for great shows. The world is fundamentally changing as it becomes easier for people to create their own video." – From site. was founded in the year 2005 by Mike Hudack along with Dina Kaplan, Justin Day, Jared …

Video – Silverlight Will Bring Interactivity To Web Video

Microsoft veteran programmer Charles Finkelstein, who has lead the development of a number of products including the video editing program Movie Maker, which is installed virtually every Windows PC, is excited about the prospects of a greater interactivity.

Video – Crackle Has A “Big Bucket of Cash” and 15 M Unique Visitors

Crackle formerly know as Grouper, the video sharing and advertising network recently acquired by Sony Pictures, has a "bucket of cash" and 15 unique monthly visitors, CEO Josh Felser told me when we met last week.

Video – Revver $35 CPM On Select Videos

Video   Revver $35 CPM On Select Videos

Revver, the Los Angeles-based video sharing/advertising network, is providing independent content creators up as much as $35 per thousand views of certain videos with strong advertising sponsorship appeal. Some videos get just $3.

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