Collarity - Behaviorally Targeted Advertising and Video Search for Pixsy

Collarity   Behaviorally Targeted Advertising and Video Search for PixsyTomorrow, for the Video Search Summit, Pixsy and Collarity will announce their new partnership for a multimedia search and discovery widget/platform.

Collarity, a leading provider of behavioral content and ad targeting services, today announced a partnership with Pixsy Corporation to deliver enhanced, targeted video and image results through their unique and advanced behavioral monitoring platform. Using state-of-the-art non-invasive technology, Collarity leverages user browsing and searching patterns on the site and goes beyond mere tags to provide relevant results derived from the dynamic interests of Pixsy users.

Through harnessing the power of millions, Collarity can instantly, and efficiently, deliver content suggestions and links filtered for optimal relevancy and interest to each individual visitor. The award-winning Collarity platform provides search results and recommendations based on anonymous data gathered from the media consumption patterns of previous visitors. The collected data then forms a behavioral relevance foundation that optimizes content based on implicit interests of user communities. This behavioral data layer works in conjunction with existing metadata or audio transcript files to deliver highly accurate video and image search results, ultimately driving higher page views and click-through rates. More relevant content keeps users interested for longer, increasing the duration of their visit to a web page.

Collarity will provide targeted advertising along with search results for Pixsy users. The ads which are shown are also based on Collarity's behavioral relevance engine, and thus are more appropriate for each user too. As a result, users typically have much higher click-throughs when seeing ads optimized by Collarity.

"Targeted results that are relevant to our wide and varying audience is the key for a continued competitive edge in our industry," said Chase Norlin, CEO Pixsy. "Our partnership with Collarity enables Pixsy to provide a new level of service for our already significant collection of web search tools. We like the Collarity 'drop down' box because the targeted suggestions and thumbnails results keep visitors more engaged in their search and discovery efforts.”

Pixsy will now offer Collarity as part of their video and image search services. Publishers who opt for the Collarity 'drop-down' box will be able to help their visitors search more effectively and find unique rather than one-size-fits-all multimedia results.

"We see this as a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Collarity platform in the realm of video and image optimization, and also coping with ad targeting challenges" said Levy Cohen, CEO, Collarity. "Pixsy's highly-esteemed capabilities present an ideal stage for our technology in this rapidly evolving market.”

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