On this week's Reel Web, we discuss the updated YouTube app that will soon be available on certain SmartTVs to allow for streaming movie rentals, a potential new way to engage your audience through collaborative video creation, and a quick mention of a new web series being launched by that promises to offer "life-changing epiphanies from some of the world’s top thought-leaders."

Philips Smart TV to Offer Rentals via YouTube App

By the end of the year Philips Smart TV will have an updated app for YouTube that will allow people to rent moves available on their platform.  As YouTube increases it's available library of movies they will begin to be a real competitor with other online movie rental sites like Netflix and Amazon.  Down the line this could potentially result in some big changes for online video content providers and where their views come from.

Audience Video Collaboration with WeVideo has a new feature to allow users to embed a feature into their website so that visitors can submit their own video clips and collaborate with others online.  For example, you can give them a starter video clip and the online community can then collaborate together to create a unique video right there using the editor at  The video can then be posted directly to YouTube.  This could be a great way to engage your audience in a different way and help build a sense of community for your content.

Epipheo's New Thought Leader Web Series

Visit Epipheo's YouTube Channel [Tubular Creator ProfilesView Creator Profile]to watch the latest in a series of videos being created to share epiphanies from some of the world's top thought leaders.

QUESTION: What implications do YouTube rentals on Smart TVs have for video creators and marketers?