New Cloud-Based Video Encoding Web Service

New Cloud Based Video Encoding Web ServiceIn 1999 offered a service whereby they hand coded and archived source video content that was sent in by customers in video tape format.  Just last month, relaunched their service as a new and robust SaaS (Software as a Service) video encoding platform.

The new platform is essentially an on demand web service that makes a video encoding cloud available via an XML API.   As I understand it, the service allows customers to send their video source files via the web service, in any popular format, and receive encoded media in as many formats as they want, at the location of their choosing.

The company's goal is to capitalize upon and address the new encoding challenges that exist with regard to cost, quality, and scalability as a result the rapid growth of online and mobile video applications.

" believes we can accelerate the growth and quality of Internet and mobile video applications by providing a cost effective, powerful, and scalable encoding service allowing companies to focus resources on building great customer video experiences rather than investing time and money into video encoding infrastructure."

There are a few other services and companies that offer cloud storage solutions for rich media content in traffic-intensive applications.  These sorts of solutions assist businesses with hardware infrastructure costs.  I believe that is the only solution dedicated to video encoding.  Other cloud based storage solution providers include Parascale, Amazon EC2, Mosso, and maybe Yahoo.

Has anyone used  If so, tell us your experience and/or opinions below.  Thanks.

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    the encoding cloude business is a little niche expected to grow rapidly. besides encoding dot com it already has a few competitors that share the cake such as on2's flix cloud, heywatch, hdcloud and others. interesting to see who will win this one as on2 is the heavyweight champion of encoding.