ClipSyndicate’s Video Search API Released

ClipSyndicates Video Search API Released

ClipSyndicate, a service of Critical Media's Media and Publishing Services Group, today announced the release of its search API to social network, social news and video syndication application developers. The release falls under its standard revenue-share terms for web publishers. With the newly-released API, ClipSyndicate, a rapidly growing, ad-supported video syndication platform for licensed content, will provide participating developers with a deep level of access and integration options beginning with an archive of over 200,000 broadcast video clips delivered immediately as embedded flash files. In partnership with more broadcast affiliate partners than any other online syndication platform, applications and widgets developed through ClipSyndicate will have access to feeds with over 1,000 new video news clips per day.

Interested developers must contact [email protected] to join the program.

"By distributing our API, we are providing on-demand access to our entire ClipSyndicate video archive as well as breaking news clips delivered from our platform in near real-time," said Sean Morgan, CEO of Critical Media. "From a revenue perspective, this type of distribution allows us to develop new revenue streams based on delivering banner and video ads tied to keyword search terms passed through our API. Typically, vertical sites use ClipSyndicate to syndicate highly relevant, authoritative video news content where we deliver ads based on the vertical category of the referring web site.

"With the API release, we are now able to open up contextual ad delivery opportunities at horizontal sites. Additionally, the API will no longer require that videos play at the ClipSyndicate website; instead, our customizable and embeddable flash player is pulled directly into each new application to enable easy integration with websites, applications, and social news and networking platforms."

Lingospot, an in-text content discovery service, has been linking to ClipSyndicate through RSS integration and local storage on Lingospot servers. The Lingospot service identifies interesting terms on a publisher's page and automatically creates Lingospot bubbles linked to these terms. These bubbles include links that point to, among other content, relevant ClipSyndicate video. When a user clicks on a ClipSyndicate video link, the video will play in a small video player within the Lingospot bubble.

With the ClipSyndicate API integration complete, Lingospot is no longer required to store, archive and integrate thousands of videos per day. Instead, the API provides instant access to all video in the ClipSyndicate archive on an on-demand basis, with no effort required by Lingospot to manage clips. More importantly, the embeddable flash player is now a stand-alone component and completely independent from Clips are pulled directly into the application immediately upon being considered relevant to pages using the Lingospot application. The reader can watch the relevant ClipSyndicate video and then continue reading the article.

"I am very excited about integrating the Lingospot Platform with the ClipSyndicate API and giving our publishers and their readers immediate access to video licensed from major news producers internationally, including Clear Channel Television, and the FOX Television Station Group, Fisher Communications, Bloomberg Television, and Meredith Corporation, among others," said Nikos Iatropoulos, CEO of Lingospot. "ClipSyndicate enables us to deliver the most in-depth, authoritative and continually-replenishing video news material available to our publishers and their readers and, with the API, we can now deliver this content within the Lingospot bubble."

Last week, announced it is using the ClipSyndicate API to make a broadcast news video search application available to thousands of channel creators who wish to search and publish topical video channels. By using the API, Magnify users can search any topic and view aggregate results from ClipSyndicate, then instantly publish the best clips to their personal video pages.

About ClipSyndicate

ClipSyndicate is an ad-supported platform for aggregating, distributing and monetizing licensed video and audio assets in near real-time on the Web. The platform is positioned to become the definitive syndication network for video news assets, having more license agreements with more authoritative news outlets than any other online syndication platform. Viral distribution of highly monetizable Professionally Generated Media ("PGM") clips across thousands of high-quality registered websites aligns content owners and web publishers with the interests of long tail advertisers looking for brand-safe inventory online. For more information please visit

About Critical Media

Critical Media Inc. is a company at the forefront of real-time broadcast media capture, search, syndication and information services. The Company provides tools and services to content consumers, providers, distributors and advertisers, leveraging its real-time broadcast capture infrastructure. Every day, Critical Media digitizes and monetizes over 10,000 hours of keyword searchable broadcast content from 4 continents. The Company is comprised of three divisions, The Information Services Group which markets Critical Mention(SM), the company's dynamic real-time business intelligence platform, utilized by 25% of the Fortune 100, the Media and Consumer Services Group which is focused on building ClipSyndicate into the world's largest repository of fully searchable authoritative video news and information, and the Broadcaster Services Group focused on providing broadcasters and other content owners with risk-free, streamlined solutions, such as its clip publishing platform, Syndicaster(TM), intended to take all complexity out of distributing and monetizing their video assets online. Critical Media was founded in 2002 under the name Critical Mention by one of the founders of Screaming Media — one of the largest text syndication companies on the Internet now owned by Dow Jones, Inc. and is headquartered in New York City. For more information please visit

About Lingospot

Lingospot, based in Los Angeles, is a search and content aggregation service that enables publishers to dynamically crosslink their content and increase their readers' engagement with no extra effort other than the words they put on their pages.

The company was formed to capitalize on five years of PhD research in natural language processing and search. Using its patent-pending natural language search technologies, Lingospot drives online readers' discovery of new content leading to incremental page views and an increase in time spent.

To date, the company has indexed over 2 Billion pages and has served over 3 Billion Lingospot keywords.


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