ClipSyndicate Adds Overlay Ads With ScanScout

ClipSyndicate Adds Overlay Ads With ScanScoutClipSyndicate, a service of Critical Media, and ScanScout, Inc. today announced that ClipSyndicate has selected ScanScout as a partner to provide overlay ads in ClipSyndicate's network of vertical sites.

ClipSyndicate has one of the largest video syndication networks on the Internet, with the ability to target deep vertical sites that cover a range of categories including politics, business, health, entertainment, lifestyle and many more. In addition to ClipSyndicate's proprietary mark up system which marks clips up into 344 categories upon submission to ClipSyndicate, ClipSyndicate has integrated a contextual technology within the ClipSyndicate player that dynamically marks up sites into the same 344 categories. The contextual targeting capabilities in the ClipSyndicate network in conjunction with ScanScout's overlay capabilities will be leveraged to provide advertisers with a dynamic targeting platform.

"ScanScout presents ClipSyndicate with a clear solution to place overlay ads into each of the targeted ClipSyndicate Video networks," said Sean Morgan, CEO of ClipSyndicate. "With ScanScout, ClipSyndicate will be maximizing the value of its great video content by creating more inventory opportunities within the ClipSyndicate video player. This benefits content providers and web publishers alike.

"ScanScout's targeting capabilities, combined with our Brand Protector technology, make this partnership a perfect fit," said Waikit Lau, Co-Founder and CEO of ScanScout. "Our machine-learning algorithms get increasingly smarter as they glean more information from more traffic. So, we look forward to driving tremendous results for both Clip Syndicate and their advertising partners in the months and years to come."

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