ClipBlast Video Search Launches Live Streaming Video Indexing

ClipBlast Video Search Launches Live Streaming Video Indexing

Leading Video Search Platform Expands Intelligent Index™ to Live Video, Represents First Move Beyond Clips

Los Angeles (November 7, 2007) – ClipBlast! (, the premier Web-wide video search and navigation platform, today announced the launch of Live Video Indexing, an extension of its patent-pending Video Web Intelligent Index™ technology. Coinciding with Streaming Media West in San Jose, the announcement marks ClipBlast!'s first formal move beyond indexing video clips to encompass live and streaming video content.

ClipBlast!'s "smart search" functionality makes use of proprietary technology to more effectively categorize live streaming content and deliver relevant search results, from more than 100 content providers as diverse as CNN, Sky News, Bloomberg, ShopAtHome TV, Telemadrid and many more.

"As more and more TV news organizations worldwide are making their streams available online, we're delighted to be able to provide virtually instant access to those who want to search, browse and watch live broadcasts–accurately and reliably," said Gary Baker, ClipBlast! founder and CEO. "Whether it's the recent wildfires in Southern California, upheaval in Pakistan or any other breaking news, we're fulfilling our mission as the go-to source for all video on the web… not just clips.”

Combining live video streams with the best video platform on the Web is a win-win situation not only for streaming content providers, but for anyone who wants to search for, share and watch live video online, Baker said. "Faster than anyone can imagine, broadcast sources and non-broadcast sources worldwide are making their streams available," he noted. "And it's not just news. Our Intelligent Video Web platform categorizes live entertainment, shopping channels, religious programming, local broadcasts–all of it. If it's being streamed, we'll index it.”

The ClipBlast! video search platform searches the entire Web for available content, continuously providing viewers with up-to-date, personalized video content, no matter what the source. ClipBlast! indexes more content providers than anyone on the Web.

About ClipBlast!
Founded in 2004, ClipBlast! provides pioneering Web-wide video search that uses patent-pending technology to continuously update the largest index of video content across the Internet. ClipBlast!'s fast, easy interface gives users instant access to millions of quality, highly relevant, targeted video clips from the world's major media brands, independent producers and individuals–video that informs, enlightens, inspires and entertains. The company is based in Agoura Hills, Calif. To learn more, visit

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