ClipBlast Releases Video Search API Supporting OpenSocial

ClipBlast Releases Video Search API Supporting OpenSocial

OpenSocial Application Developers Now Able to Integrate ClipBlast! Video Search Platform Within Their Applications

ClipBlast! (, the premier Web-wide video search and navigation platform, today announced that the company will be releasing an OpenSocial API – enabling OpenSocial developers to integrate the ClipBlast! video search platform within their applications.

The ClipBlast! offerings can be completely integrated into the OpenSocial ecosystem, giving developers access to embed ClipBlast! video search into OpenSocial applications. ClipBlast! also plans to release OpenSocial applications of its own, to showcase ClipBlast! technology.

"Our goal is to help developers engage their audiences with easy-to-integrate products that make it simpler than ever to search and watch the Video Web from within an application and from the desktop," said Gary Baker, CEO of ClipBlast!. "OpenSocial is an important new standard for developers, and we're delighted to be part of this growing movement within the industry.”

Baker will address OpenSocial, among other topics, during a panel session –"Widgets as a Platform: Content, Commerce, Communications" — at Digital Hollywood at CES, January 8 at 3 p.m.

ClipBlast! recently unveiled Version 3.0 of its video search platform, which effectively serves as a "remote control for the Video Web." The new release includes enhancements that promise a richer, easier and more relevant experience for advertisers and content providers. At the heart of ClipBlast! 3.0 is the Intelligent Index™, which matches the content of the ad with the content of the video. Rather than relying exclusively on the content provider's description and metadata—which can be subjective or even nonexistent— ClipBlast!'s Intelligent Index uses proprietary technology to categorize content in real time more effectively, thereby delivering both more relevant search results and highly targeted ads.

Launched at DEMOfall07, the ClipBlast! Video Widget is a Web-wide video search and navigation tool that resides on the desktop, enabling search, navigation, browsing and viewing of the Video Web without having to launch a browser or visit a specific website.

Google recently unveiled its new OpenSocial standard – a common set of APIs that developers can use to create applications that work on any social network or website that chooses to participate. With standard JavaScript and HTML, developers can create apps that access a social network's friends and update feeds.

The ClipBlast! platform searches the entire Web for available content, continuously providing video web viewers with up-to-date, personalized video content, no matter what the source. ClipBlast! indexes more content providers than anyone on the Video Web.

About ClipBlast!

Founded in 2004, ClipBlast! provides pioneering Web-wide video search that uses patent-pending technology to continuously update the largest index of video content across the Internet. ClipBlast!'s fast, easy interface gives users instant access to millions of quality, highly relevant, targeted video clips from the world's major media brands, independent producers and individuals – video that informs, enlightens, inspires and entertains. The company is based in Agoura Hills, Calif. To learn more, visit

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