ClipBlast Redefines Online Video Distribution - Playbox

ClipBlast Redefines Online Video Distribution   PlayboxClipBlast!, the premier Web-wide video search and distribution platform, today unveiled ClipBlast! Playbox™, a detached, cross-platform viewer frame that can play video from sources across the Video Web.

ClipBlast Redefines Online Video Distribution   Playbox

ClipBlast!'s patent-pending Playbox technology gives viewers a universal way to search, discover, watch and interact with video, while offering video content providers new audiences and new revenue opportunities.Playbox can be launched from a web page by clicking on text and image links. When launched, Playbox "floats" on top of the page, and can be dragged and positioned as the viewer chooses. As Playbox is launched, users can watch, save and send videos: expand to full screen: see other video recommendations: and continue to scroll through web page content while the video plays -- without ever leaving the site.

For web site publishers, Playbox is "frictionless," providing the freedom and flexibility to deliver video on-site, without being constrained by video players or formats. Publishers of social networks, blogs and message boards can provide a video experience that increases visitor engagement and improves monetization. For content providers, Playbox – in combination with ClipBlast!'s Intelligent Index™ -- provides a seamless platform from which to distribute and syndicate video throughout the Web.

Major television producers like CBS, ESPN, BBC, HBO, Comedy Central, AMC, PBS, Turner Classic Movies, IFC and National Geographic stand to benefit from Playbox by gaining broader distribution of their programming, as do video hosting platforms as YouTube,, Metacafe, Veoh, Daily Motion and ClipSyndicate. These and thousands of other video content providers are automatically Playbox-compliant.

"Playbox streamlines and optimizes the fragmented Video Web, and with it, ClipBlast! is redefining video distribution online," said Gary Baker, ClipBlast! founder and CEO. "We're taking video viewing one step further by unifying the user experience. Third parties can brand Playbox, embed it in their web properties, and seamlessly serve video from thousands of sources. And it's all self-contained. Anyone with video content who wants to be found online can become part of the Playbox experience by simply getting indexed by ClipBlast! and publishing embed codes. ClipBlast! Playbox is effectively pioneering a 'search, discovery and syndication' model.”

An Open Source solution, Playbox is media file- and media player-agnostic, and will play video formats including Flash, QuickTime, MP4, H.264 and many more. Playbox design enables it to serve multiple display advertising formats inside its frame, as well as pre, post and overlay units adjacent to and atop the video. The ClipBlast! Playbox backend can serve advertising against specific content, with tools to track, measure and share revenue between publishers and content providers. Playbox itself can be branded, and incorporated with widgets and applications for targeted and viral marketing campaigns.

Playbox is available now on the ClipBlast! website, tapping the industry's deepest video web index, along with the critical intelligence necessary for mass video distribution. The ClipBlast! API enables web publishers, social networks and application developers to include the ClipBlast! Index, featuring Playbox, in their properties and benefit from its stickiness on their own websites and applications.

Playbox is built on ClipBlast!'s popular video search platform. The ClipBlast! search platform continuously crawls the entire Web for available content, providing viewers with up-to-date, personalized video content, no matter what the source. With its Intelligent Index of some 50 million video clips – growing by up to one million videos daily -- ClipBlast! indexes more content providers than anyone on the Web.

The company's Intelligent Index provides an enormous video inventory that can be viewed through Playbox.

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