Online Video Widgets - ClipBlast Partners With Clearspring

Online Video Widgets   ClipBlast Partners With ClearspringClipBlast!, the premier Web-wide video navigation and distribution platform, today announced its partnership with Clearspring Technologies ( to distribute and track video widgets.

ClipBlast! will use the Clearspring platform to distribute widgets that provide custom video content, channels and playlists. The widgets will feature the ClipBlast! Intelligent IndexTM, which enables users to pull video from thousands of sources and play the content from any web page, social profile, blog or other web location. Clearspring's real time analytics tools will track and monetize the widgets and their activity.

"Clearspring gives us a tremendous opportunity to bring video to audiences anywhere on the web, through widgets that can be shared across multiple platforms," said Gary Baker, CEO of ClipBlast! "It also gives us the tools and metrics to provide advertisers with the most effective access to that audience.”

"We're pleased to be able to provide our user base with ClipBlast!'s unique ability to surface video anywhere on the web, and engage viewers right at that point of discovery," said Hooman Radfer, CEO of Clearspring. ”ClipBlast! frees video from any constraint of file or player format, making it truly ideal for simplified sharing and viral distribution.”

The partnership increases the reach of Clearspring's leading enterprise-class widget syndication platform, which enables content providers and marketers to quickly repackage existing content and services as viral widgets and distribute them across multiple platforms to reach new audiences and engage them in new ways. Clearspring analytics provides a deep understanding of who is using the widgets and how they are interacting with them across the Web, giving content providers, publishers and advertisers with the audience measurements that are critical to the emerging widget economy.

This past spring, ClipBlast! unveiled PlayboxTM (ClipBlast! Playbox), a detached, cross-platform video technology that recognizes and features video from thousands of sources across the video web in native players as the content distributor intended. ClipBlast! Playbox is a frame that effectively allows users the ability to view, save and share videos, no matter what the source, in a simple, unified user experience. Playbox is a distributed technology that allows content distributors more views and viewers of their embeddable video content. Playbox can be accessed at the ClipBlast! website or any website that adopts the Playbox technology.

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