Earlier this year at Vidcon I had the pleasure of chilling with Marc Hustvedt, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Chill.com, a "social video discovery" platform.  The video curation site was launched because the team at Chill saw a video discovery paradigm that wasn't quite performing to its capabilities.  With Chill, users can log in and share videos that they like, and other users can "follow" those that they like.  Additionally, all the videos that reside in your social graph are automatically aggregated and curated.  The point of it all is that we're influenced by the people we trust, and we're more likely to find things we like through our friends.  It's a way of video discovery and sharing that aims for relevance during your everyday search for entertainment.

So here's my short interview with Marc about Chill.com and the nature of social video discovery.

Chillin' with Marc Hustvedt on Video Discovery via Social Graph

What we learned from Marc:

Blogs and sites like Reddit are good tools, but you don't really know if you're going to like what they share, and it's hard to find relevant content.  With a site like Chill, you latch on to people who share content you enjoy and are more likely to share yourself.

Your "social graph" is really the the biggest influence in things in which you decide to participate.  Movies, TV, books, video games, etc., are all given the "seal of approval" or "stay away at all costs" from the people you trust.

Chill is like a "DVR for the internet."  You can go to YouTube, Vimeo, VEVO, Hulu, Ustream, Livestream, Justin.tv, and YouTube Live, and pull videos from each site to watch later if you don't have time.  Meanwhile, people can see your page and get ideas for what to watch on their own time.  The ability to post and "repost" is how a video can spread like wildfire.  And users don't have to spend hours looking for great content.

Chill.com's Homepage - http://www.chill.com

We've seen sites like Chill and Pinterest (which recently started doing video) get into this user-generated video curation and it definitely helps to have a bunch of people you know finding videos that are worth watching.

How many of you out there use Chill?  Tell us about your experience!

We'd like to thank Marc for his time! Check out Chill at http://www.chill.com

  • myvidster

    Myvidster has been doing this for years and has a larger community. Shameless plug yes, do I care no.

  • AzzamS

    never heard of it till today. may have to carve its own niche