Characteristics of Video Sharing Sites and Monetization

TubeMogul released a nice summary of the online-video search and sharing sites that it supports and provided an excellent post with a summary of user feedback about each site and the monetization opportunities and status.

The following sites are included: Youtube, Yahoo, DailyMotion, MySpace, MetaCafe, Google, Revver,, Veoh, StupidVideo, Crackle, BrightCove, and AOL.

You can alsodownload and read this report as a PDF.

Thanks to Mark at TubeMogul for bringing this to our attention.

Here are the top 3 in terms of traffic.

SiteUser QuotesMonetization Gender Age Traffic Visits
YouTube"America's Funniest Home Videos of the internet," YouTube is the "grandaddy of online video" with "communities that thrive along side videos."YouTube contacts select creators to partner for their rev share program, though contacting YouTube and asking into the program is possible. The process is opaque, requires NDA, and there is no reporting on what views are monetized. Approximately $14 in video CPM, $2-$3 banner CPM.Even male / femalesomewhat young audience150,000,000
Metacafe"Unique in that the featured videos are put there by the user community," so "if you have a good community, you can get your videos on the front page." But "the content is only as good as the collective conscious of the users, which is a double edged sword." Overall, "the setup of their editorial process" makes it "the least game-able site.”Sign up for Producer Rewards, though sometimes they will even contact you. $5 CPM after 20,000 views on a video that has an average rating of 3.0 or higher.Heavily skewed maleolder audience47,250,000
CracklePositioned as a talent acquisition mechanism for Sony. "Great site, but the backend technology needs improvement" and "video discovery could be easier." Crackle is "known for high quality premium content," and "feels more like television online." A few users were unaware that they were accepting UGC; "I thought they had stopped."No revenue share apparent, but big on contests and opportunities to pitch shows to Sony.Skewed femaleyoung audience1,000,000
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