CES 2012 New Media Outlook: Connected TVs Everywhere

CES 2012 New Media Outlook: Connected TVs Everywhere

The annual Consumer Electronics show has kicked off this week in Las Vegas, with gadgets and TV galore. CE makers from Samsung to LG are rolling out new partnerships for connected TVs, as these smart sets accounted for 52 million sets sold last year. Now, in 2012, manufacturers are promoting Internet-capable TVs even more to distinguish themselves from the competition. For more on what's on the connected TV horizon, and whether 9% of consumers really have cut the cord, watch this week's New Media Minute.

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2012 A Big Year For Connected TVs?

Nearly 50% of all 37-inch and larger TVs introduced in 2011 came with Internet connectivity. And that will increase this year. Programmers are feverishly developing apps for these TVs and other alternative devices.

Showtime has developed apps for over-the-top service, Roku, that let's users sample Showtime programming on Roku.

Adobe has also said it's powering more content and apps for programmers on connected TVs. Programmers like apps because they are able to control the look and feel and presentation of their shows.

Connected TVs may also flourish as consumers cut the cord. Deloitte says that 9% of U.S. consumers have already cut the cord, and another 11% are actually considering it. Other research says cable companies are gaining subscribers. And that's why you see manufacturers making TVs even snazzier and with more "smart" in them, such as Internet connectivity.

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