CBS To Launch Embed Options In New Video Player

CBS To Launch Embed Options In New Video PlayerIf you read ReelSEO with any regularity, you will know that in order to get your videos optimized for search, and to drive discoverability to your online videos, one "must-do" tip is to allow for sharing options and embeddable videos so that others can link to and blog about your online videos.

While most online video sharing websites already have these features as a core offering on their sites, many news and media outlets have yet to open up their content for embedding. Recently, that has been changing.

Hulu, NBC and Fox's online video mega-site has allowed embedding and sharing options since it launched live to the public last month.

ABC is expected to launch sharing options through its own Web video service for the fall season after a limited beta test that will be conducted during the summer.

According to Michael Learmonth of Silicon Alley Insider, CBS Interactive is expected to reveal tomorrow that it is bringing new sharing options to its online video player that will allow users to embed and post about the video content on their own websites and blogs.

Just last month, BBC stated that their new player (newly launched with embed option) had driven a 50% increase in both user numbers and views. Daily users numbers risen from 528,000 to 762,000 while the number of video plays each day has increased from 636,000 to 978,000. And the number of clicks through to video from a text story have risen from an average 2.5% to 20%.

I expect we will see this happen soon across many media outlets, including newspaper websites like the NYT, if they take the hint.

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