Forget your mid-week camels and your girls who don't poop, we all know that when it to viral video success, cats are the sure-fire winner for any brand.  Catvertising is a real thing, but how do you make your ad stand out from the crowd and hit the right combination of virality and shareability in a world of L'il Bub and Grumpy Cat? It helps if you have the right product, location, cast, budget, crew and message of course but now, in the world's best why-didn't-I-think-of-that move, online store Archie McPhee can give your brand or agency that extra edge with their Cat Video Clapperboard. Essential for any serious cat-ographer, it lets the star of the show know when filming starts so they can always give you that stellar performance you need. Not convinced? Let's take a look at the clapperboard in action:

Not a professional cat video director? You can still use the clapperboard to get the most out of your YouTube and Facebook pet videos. I mean really, who wants to see another upload of a cat disappearing out of shot or falling asleep just when you need them to be on top form? This tiny little 4″ x 3-1/2″ wood clapperboard is just about the perfect thing to capture your feline friend in all their glory.

You think directing cats is a piece of cake? Shula Von Hollow, the industry's "premiere cat video auteur" shatters that myth for you right here guys. If only she had a cat video clapperboard.....

We loved these little things so much that we bought an extra two to give away to our lovely readers. Just tell us why you think you deserve one in the comments below.

  • hbrenzel

    I never thought I'd have to explain why I deserve a Cat Clapperboard. In fact, I don't deserve a Clapperboard, my cat does. Without this innovative product, my cat videos would be unorganized and full of unnecessary flaws. Who am I to deprive the world of pristine videos featuring my amazing feline buddy? He's the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I know he would be absolutely devastated if he had to live through any more of my feeble Clapperboardless attempts to capture his every move on film. He doesn't deserve to live in agony. He deserves a Cat Clapperboard.

    ...please help me, my cat is holding me hostage--he made me write the comment above, threatening to pee in my bed every day for the next three weeks...he thinks my filming techniques are subpar and he won't let me rest until I collect the equipment he requires (e.g. Cat Clapperboard). I live in constant fear of the consequences of not meeting his demands...please ReelSeo, give my cat what he me make spectacular videos of my cat...maybe then he will relinquish his power over me so that we may live in peace...

    • Carla Marshall

      Dear hbrenzel, as much as we sympathize with your plight, we can't be seen to condone the type of sociopathic behavior your cat is currently displaying. JOKE. Contact us immediately for one brand new, shiny cat clapperboard!