CAMEyeO, Inc. has released their online video dating widget, FaCetalk. Come on, we can't makes this stuff up. Well we can, but this isn't one of those times so check it out.

I'm going to pare down one of the longest press releases I've ever seen (their PR guy must be paid per word) and distill it into the most basic of information for you. faCetalk is a complete, "Out-Of-The-Box" online video dating component with built-in date scheduling and anonymous communication features ready for implementation in online dating service websites.

Well, wow. The application lets you schedule private video dates and meet potential partners face-to-face. Skype does this as well and depending on your Skype account can be fairly anonymous. However, faCetalk is a free widget that can be embedded into dating sites of all types so that potential mates can meet each other and see what they're in for before meeting them in person. This puts a face to the name and profile that you see online and could give you a bit more incentive to meet them or help you weed out those that you're not interested in. Photos on profiles usually tend to be years old as people often misrepresent themselves (in my experience) but with real-time video chat they can't really do that, bonus for online daters!

The service sends email reminders to the participants with links in the email. They just click to connect when the time is right (there's a heavily veiled pun in that sentence, just a heads up). Now, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've used some online social networking places to meet people in real life. In fact I belong to several groups that are just for that type of thing. I've also used some sites to meet people for potential dating as well. Personally, I've found that photos are generally old and I think that this application could really do wonders for the whole scene as well as the security side of things as you could really get a feel for someone before ever agreeing to meet them in person. Plus, it's an innovative way to use video online, and we like that! It's not really a revenue channel but perhaps if you've got some products you might get ads places in the free ad-supported version of the widget.

It doesn't include and typing or messaging of any kind (which I find handy in Skype from time to time). It's also completely anonymous as in there's no personal information attached to the video chat other than what you already know or what is disclosed verbally in the video chat. Now remember it's just a widget which means it will be embedded into currently available and future dating services (most of which will probably require payment). has a demonstration widget that is fully functional, so people can try the widget out by setting up their own online video date and dating service programmers can look over the code to publish 'faCetalk Online' into their existing websites. Programmers will immediately see and understand the 'hooks' needed to integrate our 'faCetalk Online' code into their existing membership database.

'faCetalk Online' is available as a customized widget (no advertising) or as the free ad-supported version. Both are ready-to-go for installation today.

While writing this I had to take a break for a Skype call. When I came back I realized that this app isn't just about dating. The scheduling functionality could do wonders if embedded in a tech support or a business's website. Imagine having clients and customers automatically scheduling times to video chat with you, right through your website. That's pretty cool. Think how cool your tech support would look or how interesting it would be for potential clients to put in a request for a video chat right from your website. Personally I think that's slick.

I wonder if CAMEyeO would give me the ad-free widget to embed in my WordPress sites and test out for a bit and see if I get readers and clients interested in using it. Well, I'll wait and see if they read this like always. Just drop me a line when you get here CAMEyeO and we'll chat, or perhaps, video chat...

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    interesting concept
    I wouldn't use it for dating but I can see how this could be used in business purposes, as you pointed out

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    Great concept.

    Here's an idea for anyone who may want to piggyback on this with their own service: video style guide. You would get paid to get the client ready for prime time. For example, you would tell the guy in the demo video to lose the headset. His score rate would definitely go up.

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