Things To Consider When Buying Online Video Advertising

Brands and advertisers are spending a lot more money in online video. But how can they make sure their ads run in brand-safe environments and that they get the most out of their investment?   Watch this week's New Media Minute for best practices and tips to follow. Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.

Best Practices and Tips for Brands and Online Video Advertising

Here are some of the tips from Jason Kreps, EVP of ScanScout:

1) If you are buying banners or video ads, make sure you get a site list in writing that is accurate and complete.

2) If you are buying video ads, make sure you know whether those ads are going to come within banners or within video streams.

3) If you are buying in-stream video advertising, find out how your brands are going to be protected when that content goes viral or it gets syndicated. Even with large brand name publishers, a lot of the views of that video can come off the site when that content goes into syndication.

4) If you are buying display banners on a network that cant validate itself, make sure that you use a 3rd party online video ad verification firm, such as adsafe, or doubleverify.

5) Or – You can buy your ads on a cost per engagement basis – that way the network only has the motivation to show your ad to people who are going to be most likely to respond to your ad.

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    Online Video Advertising is the newest form of advertising that comes next to printing advertising. Online video advertising has grown and will continue to grow. This post is very informative regarding buying right online video advertising.

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