Best Buy Launches Advertising-Free Video Sharing Site

Best Buy Launches Advertising Free Video Sharing Site

Today, Best Buy announced a new online Video Sharing Service in partnership with that provides video sharing - without any advertising support.  This new video sharing service is a subscription-based model for users.  Users are allowed to upload their personal videos for sharing on websites, blogs, and emails.

The subscription starts at just under $7 a month for 100 minutes worth of video hosting and can accomidate videos up to 90 minutes in length each.  In addition, the service allows users to upload and stream videos at any resolution.  There will be options for upgrades for those that want to additional storage capacity, greater limits for lengthy videos, and additional features and functionality.

Home User Plan - $6.97/mo

  • Upload videos up to 30 minutes long
  • Store up to 100 minutes of video
  • Send video email messages
  • Track how many people are watching

Premium User Plan - $10.47/mo

  • Upload videos up to 90 minutes long
  • Store up to 250 minutes of video
  • Send video email messages
  • Viewing statistics and analytics
  • Virtually unlimited viewing

Unlike many other video sharing services, this new service is being touted as "safe" because it allows the user to choose who can view their home videos, and enables the user to do so in an advertising-free environment.  Of course, we know added privacy options have worked will for the likes of Vimeo.  Best Buy will promote this new service both online and in store.   Here is their promise to consumers.

"Your home videos belong to you. Unlike so-called "free" video sharing websites out there, we don't claim any rights to your home movies and we won't ever show them on our site or anywhere else."

Best Buy has also said that it will make a small investment into Mydeo for partial equity.

"With the growing popularity of video, fueled in part by social networking sites, we've actually seen an increase in customer demand for alternative video sharing solutions. Many customers, particularly families with children, don't want their personal memories available for anyone to see in the public domain nor do they want to share them in a cluttered environment that includes advertising, said Kevin Winneroski, vice president, Best Buy. "Through Best Buy Video Sharing, customers can safely store their videos and share them only with the friends and family they choose.

This is similar to other strategies embraced by Best Buy.  Best Buy started offering interactive services for customers in 2006 with the launch of the Best Buy Digital Music service.  In May of this year, Best Buy launched an online photo service in conjunction with Kodak.

I find it doubtful that users will opt to pay a subscription fee to share videos when there are so many services available out there for free.  However, Best Buy has a significant advantage in that it is really the leader in terms of providing consumer electronics.  That being the case, they have the ability to package information about the offering with each video camera and computer sold.  That may be enough to make this a successful endeavor for Best Buy.  That being said, I will not be one of those consumers to try out the service.

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