How To Build & Boost Your Brand's YouTube Channel Presence

How To Build & Boost Your Brands YouTube Channel Presence

In our opinion, all brands should have a presence on YouTube.  In order to maximize exposure and build an audience, it's important to regularly feed YouTube channels with quality video content.  Creating ongoing content can feel like a daunting task, but there are many ways to boost the video in your brand channel without shooting it all yourself, says YouTube executive Eric Meyerson. At a recent conference he offered several tips for brands to boost their YouTube presence through original videos, content curation and consumer content.

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So as YouTube promotes and pushes both its original channels and its brand channel efforts, more ad money is likely to flow into the world’s biggest video site. But feeding a brand channel can be a daunting task and that’s why YouTube brand channels were a big focus at the recent OMMA Global Conference in San Francisco.

Now speaking at the conference YouTube Executive, Eric Meyerson offered several tips for brands small and large to build up their video on their YouTube Channels.

Now some of the most successful brands help build audiences from content they product on their own, content they curate and content from fans about the brand. For instance, travel brands are particularly good at that, Meyerson said, such as Disney Parks and Royal Caribbean Cruises. Now they’ve done a great job weaving in consumer content such as videos people have shot from their cruises or vacations, which is of course a natural fit and great selling point and an easy way to boost the amount of video in a YouTube brand channel with content that also fits.

Now he also said that Lowes has done a great job populating it’s YouTube channel with hundreds of YouTube videos and that helps ensure that consumers find those through organic search on the web. The bottom line, don’t let the need to consistently feed the YouTube beast scare you away from tending to your YouTube channel regularly. Just be creative and strategic in where you find that content and make sure the videos are all tagged and captioned.

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  • Bill Cobb

    ReelSEO is totally awesome!! You guys give and give and give and we thank you!

  • Bill Cobb

    ReelSEO is totally awesome!! You guys give and give and give and we thank you!