Brightroll Exchange Rolls in $1M Video Ad Sales in August

Brightroll Exchange Rolls in $1M Video Ad Sales in August

The first month of Brightroll's new Exchange (BRX) seems to have been successful as they topped $1 Million dollars in ad sales. Well done all around! But wait, there's more...

BrightRoll, announced today that their BrightRoll Exchange is really picking up some steam and getting a lot of interest from ad networks, ad exchanges and third-party technology providers. As one might imagine the BRX is akin to other self-service exchanges where you can buy ad space as you desire via the web. You can get a wealth of information via the reports, target your ads appropraitely and reach the audience you need to all through the BRX.

The service was also picked up by ContextWeb (also an ad exchange, oddly) and Media6Degrees who are packing it into their core online advertising businesses, allowing them to simultaneously maximize revenue and increase the ROI of client video advertising campaigns.

With BRX, ContextWeb has been able to extend its contextual targeting technology and exchange-based model to video advertising, enabling the company to offer relevant reach across high-quality video inventory to its clients.

As we're talking about video the ads available on the exchange are of course video ads. I'm told it's all pre-roll. It's interesting to see that going self-serve has done wonders for the video ad sales and I do rather like to be able to pick and choose things more than have to buy into a package where there's something I don't like, want or need. The whole exchange principal which is also in use at Google AdSense and SpotXchange.

It's rather amazing that they've managed that much in sales. In order to be a Publisher on the BRX you have to have over 5 Million pages served per month and not be porn. So really, that narrows it down somewhat (and keeps ReelSEO and GDN out of the mix). I can only imagine what the minimum transaction is on the BRX, probably more than my current yearly salary heh.

Update: I was waiting on word from BRX about that sales money. The $1M is for campaigns run in August and the pricing is based on CPM. That's a whole heck of a lot of pre-roll ads!

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