Tubemogul Real-Time Viewership Analytics and Syndication Options for Brightcove

Tubemogul Real Time Viewership Analytics and Syndication Options for BrightcoveToday, TubeMogul announced a partnership with Brightcove whereby Brightcove's customers will benefit from new analytics and syndication capabilities provided by TubMogul.

Brightcove customers will now be able to activate TubeMogul's InPlay analytics plugin which tracks viewership analytics in real time to provide insight into audience engagement metrics like attention span.  In addition, Brightcove customers will now have access to TubeMogul's powerful video syndication and distribution tools to automatically distribute videos to TubeMoguls video sharing partners which include Youtube, Yahoo, Revver, Metacafe, and many others.

Here is the announcement from TubeMogul:

TubeMogul, the Web's most popular analytics and syndication service for online video, announced an integration and partnership with Brightcove today. TubeMogul joins the Brightcove Alliance, a global ecosystem of partners who have integrated with the Brightcove online video platform.

Under the partnership, any video producer currently utilizing Brightcove's online video platform to host video on their site will be able to activate TubeMogul InPlay, a plugin that tracks rich viewership statistics like audience engagement, viewer attention span and site performance -- all in real-time. TubeMogul plans to charge a monthly fee for access to the data.

The benefits of signing up are voluminous for video publishers, who can now make data-driven decisions on everything from editorial to sales. By measuring each video's audience retention at a per-second level, for instance, editors can gauge what makes the most popular videos successful. Also, at a macro-level, publishers know overall minutes-viewed, peak times of day, unique and repeat viewers, referral sites/keywords and much more. Additionally, sales teams can report on video popularity by geographic region, opening up strategic and regional opportunities.

Brightcove users will also have access to TubeMogul's video syndication tools, allowing them to automatically syndicate their Brightcove videos to YouTube and up to 20 other video sharing sites.

"InPlay's statistics are infinitely useful," says Greg Baumman, Editor of the TV Week, which recently activated TubeMogul's Brightcove plugin. "In an instant, I know how many new viewers we have, our salespeople know by geographic region where our most engaged viewers are and our technical team knows who is experiencing errors."

"We envision TubeMogul's viewership statistics being of special interest to advertisers looking for deeper analytics on consumer engagement with advertising," notes Chris Johnston, Brighcove's Director of technology partnerships.

"What's unprecedented about this is that it lets video producers compare rich viewership statistics from their own site with their syndicated stats from sites like YouTube in a single dashboard," beams Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul.

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