A Cute Girl's Video About Video Blogging

I saw this video on the homepage of Yahoo video when I was going to sign up for another account. In the video, Brigitte Dale gives us a look into the life of a video blogger, kinda. What I mean is that I think she has a unique take. I have to hand it to her because it looks like she has posted more than 150 videos. Right now, the video below has almost 10,000 views in 18 days. I think this is a great example of a video where almost all of the scenes offer a great thumbnail. She certainly has a lot of male friends. ;-)

From her page:

"A little mocumentary style video… I had a sudden paranoia attack as I was uploading this that people will think it's 100% serious. Oh no. Also, the next video this week will get us caught up on all our new strike numbers! Plus, some Penrod news.Brigitte gives us a rare look into the life of a video blogger.”

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