Branded videos attract an average 42% of shares across Twitter, Facebook and blogs within the first 3 days of publication. That's up from 25% on last year. The new data, from Unruly, also confirms that 18% of shares, one-fifth of the total, are generated within the first 24 hours, an increase on the 10% previously recorded. What's the total of shares expected within the first 7 days of the campaign launch? 65%, compared to 37% last year.

Unruly released data in April 2013 that analysed the percentage of shares a video attracted within a certain time-frame, confirming that 25% of social shares occurred within the first three days. The new data shows that 42% of shares are generated within the first 72 hours, during what they call the 'viral peak'.

Branded Videos: 42% of Social Shares Occur Within First 72 Hours  unruly social shares analysis

Unruly extracted the data from its cloud-based Analytics platform which records video activity over time. The company has just launched a new skippable pre-roll format in Unruly Activate™, a video distribution platform that engages 1.17 billion viewers, with the aim of helping brands and marketers cope with the speed of social and maximize the viral peak. With 74.1% of video views now happening outside of YouTube and its player embeds, Unruly’s in-stream format aims to deliver cost-efficient insights in the crucial viral peak period.

You could find out more about the new report, and the new platform from Unruly here.

  • Shawn Forno

    It's the classic "Tortoise vs. the Hare," and while the hare might be gaining, the tortoise is still winning the race.

    At first that statistic makes sense - 42% of shares occur within the first 3 days - however, I'm actually surprised by how low that number is. I know it's on the rise from last year - dramatically so - but essentially, MOST of your social media shares (52%) happen AFTER the first three days. The value of your content is in the long-tail.

    I know that's obvious, but people are in such a rush to create "viral" content for quick social media injections that they neglect the much more lucrative long-tail potential of their content. It leads to shoddy work, in my opinion. Write, shoot, create, draw something that gets evergreen shares - but failing that, take solace in that fact that if your content doesn't explode seconds after you publish it, most of the work it'll do for your site/business happens slowly over the long term.

    Make content that lasts longer than 72 hours - even for social media!

    The picture below is about our animation process at IdeaRocket and how we take videos from concept to completion. Our aim is to make a video that gets shared for years.

    We're quirky like that, I guess.