It seems like every day I wake up, I'm reading about an ad company that had a very good 2011, has taken their company through another round of investing, and getting support from all sorts of venture capital.  UK-based Brainient has just raised $1.8 million for their company, which specializes in interactive video advertising and personalized video retargeting.  The money is for the usual: expand their business and improve the technology, but they're also looking to find a New York City office since, you know, America rules.

Brainient's Ad Technology Will Follow You

Brainient's interactive video ad technology, adding pre-rolls (they call theirs "BrainRolls") to video, is not all that new.  That's where some sort of interactive, clickable graphic appears on the screen and you can be redirected to a place where you can learn more about the product.  What they claim through another service called "BrainAds," is that they can retarget someone who has shown interest in a product but might be on the fence.  I'll let Brainient do the talking:

We add a tag on your website that anonymously tracks a person's behaviour through a browser cookie. Then, whenever that person watches a video on one of our network partners, we will dynamically create a video ad for that person.

You can decide whether that's awesome or whether you just stepped into 1984.  Whatever the case may be, Brainient's "BrainRolls" claim a 3-5 times better click-through-rate (CTR) than ads without interactivity, and their "BrainAds" see a 10% click-to-sales conversion rate.

Brainient Claims Interactive Video Ad Can Follow The Viewer Off Site  brainad 606x192

Expect ads to get more sophisticated and smarter as the years go on.  Brainient's funding is an almost everyday occurrence and is a testament to online video's growth.