How to Block Annoying, Unhelpful YouTube Channels

Have you ever visited YouTube and been bombarded by suggestions from channels you have absolutely no interest in? Chances are that you have if you've ever used the site. These channels can constantly show up as suggested and related regardless of your level of interest in them, but we’re here to help.

There is a great add-on for Chrome that has recently added a Firefox version as well. Sorry to all 3 of the Internet Explorer readers out there, I have yet to find a similar add-on that will do the same thing for you. In short it allows you to specify YouTube channels that you want to block from view and they will never show up again. This is NOT the same functionality as the native YouTube block feature.

Install Video Blocker on Chrome

Follow this link and download the extension for Chrome by clicking on the “Free” button.

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When the “Confirm New Extension” box pops up, be sure to click on “Add”. Once it has been installed, you can block channels in one of two ways.

The Quick Method

Find the thumbnail for a video, any video, made by this channel. Right click on it and select “Block Videos From this Channel”. That’s it!

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The Longer Method (Also: How to Restore a Blocked Channel)

Under the Chrome Menu button in the upper right corner of the browser, select Settings. From there, click How to Block Annoying, Unhelpful YouTube Channels plus button on Extensions and under “Video Blocker” click on “Options”. If you have a TON of channels you dislike, you can actually load them via a .csv, but If you are really that heated about hundreds of channels I’ll let you go figure out how to do that bit yourself. To do it one at a time, click on the plus button.

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Type the channel name into the box provided and click “Add”. One thing to note here, everything you enter is case-sensitive, so videos from a channel named 'VAVO' will not be hidden when you add 'vavo'. The same goes when using the wildcard feature, which blocks multiple channels containing the same text string.

So whether you like it long or short, this is a quick and easy method to remove a channel from your sight forever. (or until YouTube makes a major update and breaks the extension, which happened yet thanks to constant updates from the creator)

  • Otosakka

    click on the user > about > the flag icon > block channel

  • Jonathan Solorzano

    Did this issue get resolved by YouTube? Did they add a block button? Because I just clicked on the flag on a channel and then clicked "block channel".

    • Andy Smith

      There has always been a block button. Unless the functionality has been tweaks, that used to just block them from communicating with you, but would not hide their content.

  • antred

    It's pretty pathetic that YouTube doesn't provide such functionality by itself. Instead of constantly changing pointless stuff (and breaking things in the process), maybe they ought to spend some time on implementing basic functionality such as this.

    • PapaModoc

      The thing I feel needs to be addressed is how they update the stuff they think you like. If you click on what looks like, for example, a scientific item, but instead you get some tin-hat conspiracy theorist yamming on about zero point energy, then for days (weeks) their suggestions of crack-pot videos littler the screen. Other subjects have the same effect - one peak at a TMZ or YoungTurks video (attracted by some title) and for weeks YouTube thinks I'm a vacuous loudmouth (might be true...) with a desire to watch other of the same ilk (never).

  • Stephan Paquin

    I noticed it bugged the performance of my laptop so i took it off and sent complaint, hopefully they fix it cause' i liked that app

  • Isabelle Cox

    For blocking unwanted websites as well as youtube you may try Aobo Filter for PC. It works more effectively.

  • Byron Injeeli

    I think this method doesn't work if you have not logged into youtube.

    • Ben Stones

      It works even when you're not logged into YouTube.